Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Tips

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Being fortunate enough to live in sunny sunny Singapore, we have no lack of ideas for a beautiful outdoor wedding. Be it in your homeland or in any of the beautiful tropical neighbouring countries, outdoor weddings have their own set of charm that a grand ballroom wedding cannot give you.

So here at Hitcheed, we found out all possible concerns one might have when hosting an outdoor wedding in Singapore, and wrote this article just for you! We’re always here to make sure you’re prepared for just about anything. And that’s why, here’s 5 things to look out for when hosting an outdoor wedding!

Make Your Guests Comfortable

It’s Singapore. Hot, humid, sunny Singapore. So we all know what the top concern of an outdoor Singapore wedding would be. How can we keep our guests comfortable, happy and not melting in the sweltering heat?

You just got to be prepared. Quite simply, we would recommend either an early morning solemnization before the sun reaches its peak, or a romantic sunset wedding, when the sky’s a beautiful glowing orange - a perfect natural backdrop for your wedding day. If that’s not an option, have an air-conditioned reception area for guests to slip into when the heat gets unbearable once the beautiful photos are taken.

Food is Different Outdoors

For an outdoor wedding. Experienced, proven caterers are a must. At Hitcheed, we only offer you the best and most capable caterers. For an outdoor wedding, you definitely need food that will keep well in the heat. No mayonnaise salads that go bad, no icing that sweats on your cake. Also, keep things fun with either a beautifully set up table that pairs perfectly with the outdoors, or freshly carved meats and prepared food served by chefs at your disposal.


One of the perks of an outdoor wedding is that the outdoors is your very own natural decoration. It cuts down on a whole lot of dolling up the place like a hotel ballroom or restaurant might need. But that doesn’t mean you let your guard down. Visit the place a week before your big day and make sure that the leaves are raked, the grass is cut, and that there are no curveballs that the earth might throw at you. For the rest of the work, leave it to the good eye of your florist to adorn the place with flowers so you can get a color theme, or a beautiful arch to make it even more ethereal and magical.

Light of Your Life

It’s the outdoors, and you’re under the mercy of the unpredictability of nature. So sometimes natural light cannot be depended on to illuminate just how beautiful you look on your wedding day or just how stunning the place is. However, we’ve found just the right thing to complement just how glowing you will look on your big day. With fairy lights or candles, it not only lights up the place, it creates a breathtaking atmosphere that will simply make you go “wow”.

Right Place, Right Time

This almost goes without saying. An outdoor wedding needs just the perfect venue. It’s Singapore, and we don’t really have the pick of national parks and lush greenery that we would like to have. However, what we do have, is beautiful venues that offer you a view of the skyline, a glimpse of the sea, or even a private little sanctuary tucked away from the city.

Redefining what an outdoor wedding looks like, here are some outdoor wedding venues that are simply stunning.

Holding an outdoor wedding isn’t as challenging as it seems, and it is definitely worth all the effort you have to put in it. But that’s what Hitcheed is for. With our FREE recommendations service and our comprehensive list of venues, photographers, florists and articles filled with all the ideas you need for your big day, you no longer have to worry.

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