Wedding Videography vs Wedding Cinematography, Which One Should You Pick?

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You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory, they said. Wedding photography has been the norm for all couples but today, to have another wedding videographer is the up and rising phenomenon. However, different videographers might have different take on how they would like to capture the big day. When you hit the keyboard to research on which videographer you should engage in, millions of jargons might appear. 

Many would have heard of the term “wedding videography” and “wedding cinematography”, however, do you really know what it means? As a soon-to-be bride and groom, what do you want from the videographer that you have hired?  Wedding videography or wedding cinematography, which is the one that is more suitable for you? Fret not, we are going to debunk the jargons in hope to allow you to have a clearer view of what you would like on your wedding day.

1. Wedding Videography 

Wedding Videography is all about keeping to the basics. Similar to the wedding photographer, the wedding videographer captures the big day from beginning to end. Wedding videography is pretty much a point and shoot type of thing and it is definitely a much affordable choice for most couples. As straightforward as it is, a wedding videographer is present to document the big day as it unfolds. Would you like to hear the well wishes your guests have for you? Well, a wedding videographer is likely to capture all of them. Wedding videographers often make use of wide-angle shots in order to capture most of the frame, with the people in the foreground or background in action. The end product of a wedding videographer is hence, rather long and detailed with almost all details of the big day captured. Wedding Videographers are the detail-oriented professionals who would ensure the beautiful moments of your wedding day are being encapsulated in their masterpiece. 

Image Credit: Back Button Media -- James & Melissa 

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Features of Wedding Videography: 

Keeps to the basics

Captures wedding day from beginning to end

More prone to involve snippets of interviews from family and friends

Tends to use more wide-angle shots to capture as much as possible

Long and detailed end product

2. Wedding Cinematography 

Wedding Cinematography on the other hand, is about storytelling. Cinematography is a form of art that blends creativity with storytelling. Similar to the painting of a canvas, the cinematographer starts painting a huge picture by filling in the blank canvas with all sorts of moments he encounters. They are like the painters or directors of the industry. They are great storytellers who set the tone of the video right by creating an introduction, a climax and a resolution, alike to what it is like to tell a story. How and what do the cinematographers capture? They really like to capture the moments that would exactly tug people’s heartstrings, think bride and groom smiling at each other, looking at each other with loving eyes or a father wiping his tears as he sees his daughter walking down the aisle. Wedding cinematographers find chances to capture moments in different angles and perspectives. Unlike the videographer, they do not capture the entire event. At the end of the day, couples are likely to receive a visual masterpiece of moving imagery, which are interwoven from the different moments captured on their big day. 

Image Credit: Ark Moments - Sam & Bernie

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Features of Wedding Cinematography:

A form of storytelling

Tone of video is set by creating an introduction, climax and resolution

Important moments are captured

Involves artistic and creative camera angles

End product is succinct

All in all, this is by no means any comparison on the two types of wedding video styles. Both wedding videography and wedding cinematography have their own advantages and appeal to different couples at the end of the day. This guide hopes to serve as an educational tool for couples who are in search for an ideal person who could capture all the fleeting moments of their big day. For couples who are minimalistic and wants to keep the filming of video simple, a wedding videographer is able to capture the entire details of your big day. The piece done by the videographer would allow you to reminisce the good ole days even a few years down the road. Your wedding day is going to pass within the blink of an eye and you would be able to relive the moments and look at what you might have missed. For couples who are looking to inject some artistic elements into their wedding video, the wedding cinematographer would be able to do it. Being able to capture the truest, rawest moments on your wedding day and to weave them seamlessly into a story, a wedding cinematographer is like an artist for the discerning couple. You could proudly say that you are main characters of a majestic art piece. 

Today, many companies use the word videographer and cinematographer interchangeably and you might get confused in the midst of looking for the right one. Many professionals also do both wedding videography and wedding cinematography. To each its own, our advice to you is to look through the different portfolios of the videographers or cinematographers, do your research well, talk to them and find the one that tugs your heartstring right away. You have worked hard to plan the day of your lifetime, why not have a professional capture it? 

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