Bridal Studios

Floraison Collection

OTR: fr SGD1,200

My Dream Wedding Singapore · Florais...

1 reviews
Sweet Femininity

OTR: fr SGD780

The Gown Warehouse · Sweet Femininity

2 reviews
D'Luxe Collection

OTR: fr SGD1,200 / MTM: fr SGD1,800

Fleur D'sign · D'Luxe Collection

0 reviews
Chinese Cultural

MTM: fr SGD7,000

Time Taken To Make A Dress · Chinese...

0 reviews

OTR: fr SGD600 / MTM: fr SGD1,000

Bridal Concept · Gowns

1 reviews
Bridal Gown

OTR: fr SGD1,200 / MTM: fr SGD1,888 / B...

My Bridal Room · Bridal Gown

1 reviews
Effortlessly Romantic

OTR: fr SGD4,500

Rebecca Caroline · Effortlessly Roma...

0 reviews
Butterfly Whisperer

Rental: fr SGD1,600

Amanda Lee Weddings · Butterfly Whis...

3 reviews
Bridal Collection 4

Rental: fr SGD1,500 / MTM: fr SGD2,000

Flamingo Bridal · Bridal Collection 4

3 reviews
Timeless Elegance 2

Packages: fr SGD1,288

The Louvre Bridal · Timeless Elegance 2

0 reviews
Gowns Collection 3

MTM: fr SGD2,400

Emanuel B Couture · Gowns Collection 3

0 reviews
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