Garden Studio

For a more intimate event of up to 10 tables (100 guests), the Garden Studio is a picturesque indoor pavilion with an adjoined outdoor garden. This is a sophisticated dual-use venue, with a touch of the whimsical outdoors and indoor comforts.


$1,688 (LUNCH), $1,968 (DINNER), $2,068 (SAT DINNER)


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April wee

As we were searching for our wedding venue, we set a few requirement such as space, ceiling height etc. The first time we saw Andaz glasshouse through the photo, we knew that this is where our dream wedding will be at. We loved the high ceiling height and the natural floor to height window and the dazzling chandelier in the glasshouse. On top of that I like how the reception area is so private where only one wedding will be hold on that day. I definitely recommend Andaz if you are looking for personalised style. Never regretted even if its a little costly!