Vincent & Mun Ching

Vincent and Mun Ching had earlier told me that they wanted to take the public transport down from her place to Chijmes on her wedding day. It was quite an unusual request considering couples these days spend quite a lot getting a posh wedding car, but to this lovely couple, they feel it is part of their meaningful journey as they spent a lot of time taking public transport.


Pre-wed: SGD2,600 / Actual: SGD3,800 / Overseas: SGD2,500

Location: Singapore, Chijmes

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We chose Andri because we really like his style of photography and how he was able to capture the moments. He also took the time to meet us before our wedding so as to get to know us before the actual day. Both my husband and I are extremely pleased with how our photos turned out and have recommended him to some of our friends getting married as well.


Edmund Kuang

Andri Tei has been a real delight to work with especially with his meticulous pursuit to perfect shots. He was thorough and comprehensive throughout the photoshoot journey and we would greatly recommend him to anyone out there who is looking for someone to capture your unique and intimate moments.


Vincent Ng Lin Feng

Capturing memories at it's most natural state beautifully. Had both our pre-wedding and actual day memories documented by Andri. Emotions-felt photos!