Actual Day Wedding Photography

Actual day wedding photography by Bluebay Wedding.


Pre-wed: SGD1,880 / Actual: SGD1,680 / Overseas: SGD4,880

Location: Singapore

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Lee Ricia

It was an enjoyable experience with the Taiwan Bluebay team! They were really hospitable and attended to all our needs during our pre-wedding photoshoot. They were really patient too while we were selecting my gowns and the photos. They provided their opinions when needed and were not pushy when we were negotiating about the packages. Kudos to Bluebay!


Renon Lim

Met through Hitcheed event. The staff of Bluebay are extremely friendly and responsive to any queries we had. They were able to give good recommendations that catered to our preferences in many of planning stage. Highly recommend to anyone looking for pre-wedding photoshoot


Eileen Ong

I signed up with bluebay when my husband and i came across their roadshow in Bugis. We were on the lookout for a bridal shop for our pre wedding photoshoot and wanted to do it in taiwan. Hence, when we were approached by one of the sales staff. Personally, i feel that the experience with the sales staff wasn't so good as they were pretty pushy. However, the overall experience with bluebay was not as bad as my first encounter with them as their staff in taiwan were professional. During the photo selection process in taiwan, there was minimal selling. The photographer was great and humorous, the make up artist was so good that my husband couldn't stop staring at me. Everyone i knew encouraged to apply make up from then now, but i know my half past six make up skills will never help me achieve the look like how she did. The team in taiwan was attentive and helpful and we were very grateful for all the support rendered during the photoshoot. Should newly wed couples be keen to take pre wedding photoshoot in taiwan, Bluebay can be one of the considering options.


Lee Ricia

I chance upon Bluebay during one of the Hitcheed wedding shows last year. They are based in Taiwan, the location that I hope to take my pre-wedding photo shoot. The team was really friendly and professional in their suggestions. Yes I would recommend Bluebay to others!



We signed up for an overseas outdoor shoot package during Hitcheed's event at Suntec City. We were served by one of Bluebay's photographer and signed the package on the spot, paying in full, as the we felt reassured by the photographer's experience and sharing. We were very satisfied with our pre-wedding shoot at Macau. Our photographer and make-up artist were very professional and everything went smoothly. However, we felt that the coordination between the Singapore office and their overseas office could be further improved.