Pre-Wedding (Taiwan)

Embracing the tagline "The World is Our Studio", Bluebay Wedding specializes in travel photography around the world. Its team of professionals has traveled with countless couples to the most scenic places in Europe and Asia, capturing the burgeoning romance of two in love, amidst nature's beauty into stills. The result is a work of art that exudes style and the essence of being "in the moment".


Pre-wed: SGD1,880 / Actual: SGD1,680 / Overseas: SGD4,880

Location: Taiwan

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We signed up for an overseas outdoor shoot package during Hitcheed's event at Suntec City. We were served by one of Bluebay's photographer and signed the package on the spot, paying in full, as the we felt reassured by the photographer's experience and sharing. We were very satisfied with our pre-wedding shoot at Macau. Our photographer and make-up artist were very professional and everything went smoothly. However, we felt that the coordination between the Singapore office and their overseas office could be further improved.