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Natalie Ong

Douglas covered our prewedding shoot in New Zealand, our garden solemnization and our wedding lunch banquet, and we could not have asked for a better photographer! He made us feel totally comfortable and was always able to capture that perfect moment when light, love and laughter came together. You can definitely trust Douglas to go out of the way to give you the best possible experience and you'll be surprised at just how good he can make you look! His many years of experience certainly puts you at ease even under the stress of the wedding day. We are so glad that Douglas was there to capture such a momentous and happy occasion for us and we highly recommend him! Thanks Douglas :) Shang Hui and Natalie


We met Douglas at a BOWS event early last year and were drawn to his genuine, down-to-earth and humorous personality, and of course his undoubted photography talent. We had been planning a family holiday to New Zealand, and he was keen to shoot there as well, and so off we went! He promptly delivered all our photos in slightly over a month (far exceeding our expectations). Prior to the shoot, he got each of us to share examples of photos/styles we liked, and it was clear that he spent time and effort to understand our preferences, which showed in the photos he took of us eventually. Douglas is extremely accommodating, un-calculative and it is clear he goes the extra mile for his couples and his craft. We had hoped to travel late in the year to catch the summer lupins and he very kindly and readily accommodated our request. As it was his first time shooting in NZ, he took it upon himself to arrive at the location 2 days prior to recee for good spots. Our shoot took place in NZ summer which meant that the day was long, with an early sunrise and late sunset, and he never once commented about the longer-than-usual hours we were out shooting for. What impressed us even more was how he took it upon himself to document our shoot through a video as well. How he managed the stress of juggling BOTH photography and videography at each location, we can never comprehend! And the thing is, he is as amazing a videographer as he is a photographer! Also, as it was a family holiday for us, we had asked Douglas if he could take a few family shots for us with our parents, which again he readily agreed to. He managed to make our otherwise camera-shy parents feel comfortable in front of him, and we were rewarded with very precious and beautiful photos which we really cherish! Douglas made the shoot extremely enjoyable; we truly enjoyed travelling around the beautiful landscape together with him and it felt like we were travelling with a friend. He has the natural ability to make people feel comfortable around him, yet his professionalism would take over once his camera was out, being decisive about the shots he wanted, but also allowing us to enjoy candid moments together. The pictures he takes really do not need much post-edits at all; they looked beautiful right out of his DSLR screen when he let us preview them! To couples thinking of exploring new locations with Douglas, there is little to worry about his lack of familiarity if any with the location. The beautiful photos he took bear testament to the fact that a good photographer would be able to take good shots in whatever environment or conditions presented to him. Thank you so much Douglas for everything! Zi Kai & Deborah

Vanessa Jegan

Douglas covered our pre-wedding shoot in melbourne. He was so easy and fun to work with! He made us feel comfortable, making the shots simple and quick. Douglas is very  accommodating and we just couldn't be happier with the beautiful service he provided for us. The photos were good and we will certainly recommend him to anyone we know :)

Douglas Fun Photography

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