Cappadocia Pre-Wedding: Cindy & Edison

Cindy and Edison from Singapore flew to Cappadocia, Turkey to chase the dreamy balloon-filled skies for their pre-wedding photoshoot. The shoot started out on the rooftop of their hotel, Sultan Cave Suites, which looked out to the vast landscape of stacks of houses and sandy caves. Of course, let's not forget the rainbow of hot-air balloons that littered the sky! The couple also visited a traditional carpet shop, its interior heavily decorated by enchanting turkish lamps, and its every surface covered with vibrant tapestry. Finally, the two also visited the town of Göreme, famous for its whimsical cone-shaped rock formations that have earned themselves the name of "fairy chimneys".

Pictures Taken at: Cappadocia, Turkey; Sultan Cave Suite, Carpet Shop, Göreme


Pre-wed: SGD2,899 / Actual: SGD3,999


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