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Charmaine Chew

We engaged Rasel for your church wedding during Hitcheed event 2018 and it was a fuss-free decision! Our coordinator was very helpful advising the amount of food we should cater for and easy to coordinate set up and removal on the actual wedding day. Food was good and our guests loved the local delights (especially the laksa)!

Melanie Miao

Firstly, we are so happy that Hitcheed having this wedding fair and with the right vendors. Thank you for inviting Rasel Catering. We also appreciate our coordinator Amanda from Rasel Catering, she was so nice, friendly, and try her best to fit in our requirement and give us some suggestion on the menu. We was so Happy that we engaged Rasel Catering for our church wedding lunch. The set up was so fast and professional, once we done with our wedding mass our guest can start to dig in and the food is still HOT. Our guests was satisfied with the FOOD, the food is almost gone by the end of the banquet. We must say that the LIVE Nyonya Laksa was so GOOD! We saw our guest was refilling and queuing for the Laksa! Thank you Hitcheed and Rasel Catering =)


I tried Rasel Catering at a work event and was very impressed with the quality of the food. Staff was prompt in replies and helpful in recommendations for food choices based on our requirements. She also encouraged us to make a booking during a wedding roadshow so that we can be entitled to further promotions and freebies!

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