Chris & Alvina

We believe that for intimate weddings, it's all in the details. There's no hiding behind the crowd at a small celebration - blunders that might have gone unnoticed with 200 people milling around will be strikingly obvious with 20 guests. 

For Alvina and Chris, those details were made up of pearls, crystals, and candles. And of course not forgetting the florals - a mix of red roses and white Hydrangeas unleashed a romantic touch to the setting. 

To complement the frames on the wall and the sophisticated look of the Jubilee Lounge, gold accessories were used to strike the perfect balance of modern and timeless. Not to mention, what better way to add romance and warmth to a dinner table, than with candlelight?

Photography by Spellbound Group Pte Ltd.


Wedding Planning Services: fr SGD4,800

Location: Singapore, Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Lounge

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