Nadia & Jairo

Imagine warm sunshine, the soft breeze right to your toes and fingertips. We were so lucky to be trusted by them. Nadia and Jairo, a Spanish couple who eloped in Nusa Dua, filling their bodies with the brim of sunshine. For a couple of minutes while looking at these images, we went “Awwww...” as if we were there.

Can you feel some groovy vibe between these two? Well, not a surprise, because Jairo is a musician in a band that he made together with Nadia: Jairom Black. If you’re a jazz lover, you might want to hear about Jairom Black, a musical project that began with the dream of a young Brazilian, whose life had led him to San Sebastian to study jazz at Musikene, the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country. Jairo Costa and Nadia Kaufmann, our amazing couple sets up Jairom Black as a small business among friends and has grown as what it is today.


6 Hr: USD1,300 / 8 Hr: USD2,200

Location: Bali, Indonesia

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