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Xiangfeng Loo

Hanzhi assisted me and my fiance for our pre-wedding shoot and it was a wonderful experience. We had some sketchy ideas about the theme, what we love and enjoy doing, and Hanzhi incorporated all of those to offer her props and styling proposals. We loved our props and banner that she designed and executed for us. Above all, we really appreciated her patience and professionalism from start to end. Will highly recommend The Joy Troopers to couples who want something very personalised and meaningful to themselves.

Yizhi Ang

If you're looking for an extremely creative, diligent, and professional wedding stylist with a big heart for her clients, then I would highly encourage you to look for Hanzhi from The Joy Troopers! She fulfilled our wish to personalise and further beautify our wedding venue. The most memorable pieces from the lot were the hand-stitched and embroidery pieces she created for us, our family members, and the bridal party. Sure enough, we kept the pieces after the wedding to be displayed in our home! We had contacted her only 3 months before the wedding, and her ability to help conceptualise and bring our ideas into reality in such a short period of time definitely amazed us. She's very committed and has great talent. Trust us, let her take care of it! :)

Rocell Alejo

Hanzhi went over and beyond for helping with our wedding! From setup to styling to giving us a heads up on what we are getting ourselves into (wedding prepations) We only had 6 MONTHS to prepare this wedding and we saw Hanzhi breezing it through the work. We felt so comfortable with her and she always exude the relaxed vibe, thus, me and husband will instantly feel calm and will be out of our state of panic and confusion. We saw Hanzhi's creativity putting all our ideas together. She really listened on the ideas we wanted. The best part is: SHE WORKED WITHIN OUR BUDGET which was very important to us. Joy Troopers, thank you. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN.

Jeslyn Lim

Hello! I knew Hanzhi back in our uni days and remembered seeing her artistic talent being showcased as we were in the same co-curricular activity committee. I also remembered feeling very happy for her when I saw that she's starting The Joy Troopers. So, naturally when I was planning for my wedding, I wanted to engage her and her team. From idea conceptualisation to finalising of details to actual setup of the decor, Hanzhi managed to translate what I had in mind to the final product I saw at my wedding. I remember walking down the aisle looking at all the decor and feeling very happy and impressed. The guests at my wedding gave good comments and gushed about the decor as well. Communication with her was always smooth; she was always able to provide me the best (artistic/decor) advice and challenge (in a good way) if there's anything I wanted to add/remove/change. She was very respectful to my husband and I, making sure that the both of us are comfortable with what she was designing for us. I will definitely recommend The Joy Troopers (Hanzhi) to my friends, especially those who require decor help and services! A million thumbs up! xoxo, Jeslyn

Charlene P

Hanzhi was a breeze to work with. She is professional and committed, and strikes the perfect balance between her own personal creative liberty with the decor and alignment to our needs. We were happy to leave the wedding decor of our church and dinner wedding completely to her after sharing some broad guidelines, and the end result was a gorgeous blue and yellow themed place decked out with fairy lights, lanterns and just gorgeous decor. Many of our guests were wowed by how decked out the place was, and loved the complimentary floral buffet we laid out for them. It was my perfect wedding, and we were utterly happy to leave it in the hands of this truly committed professional.

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