6 Colour Palette Ideas to Steal for Your Wedding

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Choosing your wedding colours comes first and foremost when it comes to planning your big day. The sooner you lock in your colours the easier it will be to pick out your bridesmaid dresses and decide on what flowers will be in your bouquet. From monochrome to muted shades your colour palette will help set the tone and mood of your wedding, but with the vast amount of options it’s hard to know where to start. Here are 6 fresh colour pairings that we think will make your day stand out.

1. Tropical Spring

The tropics meets English countryside with rustic elements bursting with bright fruit bowl colours paired with delicate pastels. Think tangerine and pomegranate hues in bold native flowers, paired with softer hues of peach and white in delicate blooms of daisies and carnations. It’s a bold and vibrant colour palette that is guaranteed to spark joy.

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2. Dreamy Blush

From one end of the spectrum to the next this palette is far more dreamy, radiating a whimsical feel with pairings of romantic neutrals such as rose, dusty lilac and sherbet. Dress your bridesmaids in one of these delicate shades, and accessorize with cream accents to elevate the look for a feminine, almost vintage ambiance. 

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Image credit: Acapella Photography

Image credit: Acapella Photography

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3. Sunset Spring

For a sweet and youthful affair this colour takes the vibrant colours of a Balianese sunset and gives them a floaty, feminine touch. Shades of pink lemonade, lavender and coral paired with olive greens and eucalyptus, create a harmonious palette with a cheerful and fun air, perfect for and intimate garden ceremony.

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4. Soft Romance

For a subtle yet unique palette combine the contrasting shades of periwinkle and baby pink with ivory and green. The periwinkle blue will pop against the more subdued shades for an unexpected ethereal touch, giving your wedding a whimsical vibe that is still very romantic. Dress your groom in charcoal with pastel accessories to compliment your palette.

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Image credit: Rosette Designs & Co.

5. Earl Grey Lavender

As the name suggests this palette pairs the dreamy lavender and ultra violet with grey to create a heavenly combination. The grey elevates the whimsical lavender into a more elegant arena that compliments tones of malted milk and caramel. It is both organic, sophisticated, and fitting for a romantic indoor or outdoor wedding.

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6. Refreshing Mint Spring

A vibrant contrasting colour palette of mint, green tea, coral and marigold, that is both refreshing and fun. Though the combination of both green and yellow shades may seem much, filtered with cream and white accents through the use of accessories, stationary and additional florals, creates an elegant pairing that no one will forget.

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Image credit: Wedding en Vogue

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