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Built in the 1870s along the banks of Clarke Quay, The Riverhouse began life as a thriving “secret society” house helmed by several headmen of the notorious Ghee Hok Society. The same vibrancy continues to live today in this two-storey multi-concept space housing a modern Chinese restaurant, alfresco bar and world-class nightclub – namely Mimi, Yin and Yang.With its distinctively seductive Chinese architecture, remnants of the past are still present as the establishment pays homage to Eastern influences with top-notch Asian-fusion cuisine and monthly exchanges with the top clubs in Asia. Diners and partygoers alike can expect an immersive experience as they marvel at the sultry décor that amalgamates tradition and modernity.
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3A River Valley Road #01-02 Merchants' Court, 179020

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The Riverhouse

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