Crazy Sweet Expressions During the First Look

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We’ve seen it all in Hollywood movies, that tearful, joy-filled expression in each others face the moment the blessed couple lays eyes on each other across the aisle. In Singapore, we might not have the practice of not seeing your other half till the very day, building up to that one moment where you lay eyes on each other for the rest of your lives. Too many traditions like having a tea-ceremony, having too many things to plan together and other responsibilities make that close to impossible.

But that doesn’t mean that when the love-of-your-life lays his eyes on you for the first time during the ceremony, they wouldn’t feel that burst of love that shows all over their face. With a snappy photographer armed and ready, with your family in witness, and the rest of your lives ahead of you, that crazy sweet expression isn’t difficult at all.

All you need is love.

The Look of Sheer Happiness

With hearts bursting with love and pride, there’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing your husband-to-be beaming at you across the aisle, like the proudest man in front of his friends and family, showing off his wife to the world. It feels as if you’re the most beautiful and only girl in the world. And for the rest of your life, that’s what you’ll be.

(Image Credits: Acapella Photography)(Image Credits: 1st Journal Productions)(Image Credits: Antelope Studios)(Image Credits: Meteor Productions)(Image Credits: Inspireworkz)(Image Credits: Andri Tei Photography)

The “Singapore” First Look

Forget walking down the church aisle, the flowered path, or anything under the watchful eyes of everyone. If you’re a private couple, chances are you’ll probably get your “goals” first look during the moment he finally overcomes the obstacles your bridesmaids set for him at the gatecrashing, and gets to collect his loving bride.

(Image Credits: Inspireworkz)(Image Credits: Chris Chang Photography)(Image Credits: Luvmoments)(Image Credits: Inspireworkz)(Image Credits: Isnap Photography)(Image Credits: AndroidsinBoots)

He Just Can’t Wait

If you’re anything like these husbands-to-be, getting married comes naturally to them. Just like every other day of their relationship, they spend every day adoring each other, and just can’t wait to begin their journey into their very own happily ever after.

(Image Credits: Douglas Fun)(Image Credits: Chris Chang Photography)(Image Credits: Douglas Fun)(Image Credits: Isnap Photography)

...And our personal favourite of the series...

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