How To Get Your Very Own Big Movie Kiss

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We get it. It’s extremely awkward to take intimate photos of yourselves locked in a passionate kiss. It’s probably even awkward for you to take the occasional OOTDs in public under the judgemental eyes of any passers by.

But it’s your big day, and we know how important it is to capture just the perfect kiss on camera, eternalizing a loving moment in time. So we’ve put together a collection of photos featuring the big, final, wonderful Hollywood kiss that every romcom you’ve ever watched has.

Who says you can't be the Oscar winning couple of the year? With these photographers to allay your fears of awkward PDA moments in public, coupled with their skills to capture the exact millisecond for the perfect shot, you have nothing to worry about.


You May Now Kiss The Bride

Nothing says candid and honest more than a capturing the very first kiss as husband and wife, while your friends and family stand witness to the beginning of the rest of your life. With professional photographers at your disposal, you never have to worry about missing that one single moment, where you seal the deal with the love of your life.

Image Credits: Douglas Fun Photography

Image Credits: Love Crafted Co

Private Sanctuary Kiss

For the camera and public shy couples, seek comfort in the privacy of your favourite place away from the curious and invasive gaze of passers by’s prying eyes. What sets a good photographer apart from a professional one is that the professionals would get you the best timings, best angles and best advice for when you can get the most ideal photographs, at the most optimum time of day.

Image Credits: LoveinstillsImage Credits: Antelope StudiosImage Credits: Click! PhotographyImage Credits: Depthofeel

Jetsetting Kiss

If you’re willing to stretch your budget for a breathtaking backdrop of your favourite city in the world, then the world is your oyster. A kiss in the middle of bustling Piccadilly Circus? In front of the famed Tower of London? Beneath the glistening Eiffel Tower? The possibilities are endless.

Image Credits: Knottin' Visuals

Magical “Out of this World” Kiss

Or even magical shots of an endless evening sky? A location that looked like it came straight out of James Cameron’s Avatar? If larger than life movie shots are your jam, your wish is your photographer’s command.

Image Credits: 1st Journal ProductionsImage Credits: AndroidsinbootsImage Credits: 1st Journal ProductionsImage Credits: Click! Photography


We know how important it is to get you your magnificent Big Movie Kiss, and we have a list of photographers tried and tested with reviews that we know you can trust to capture your perfect moment.

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