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At Click!, we get to know our couples, understand their stories and count them as friends before we even click!. Your big day is made up of small moments that matter. A gentle touch, a soft smile and honest, candid moments. Let us help you to tell your love story and create beautiful visual keepsakes of these moments.
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Shermin Sum

Both of us don't often take photos together as we feel very awkward and self-conscious when in front for the camera. We also realised that many wedding photoshoot these days are quite "pose-y" and it's not what we were looking for. When we met Valerie for the first time, we knew we clicked! She made us very comfortable and knew exactly the style of shoot we were looking for. Our overall experience with Valerie is awesome, she is very trustworthy and engaging. :) From: Daniel and Shermin.

Sheryl Cheong

The search of finding the right wedding photographer was a very difficult task especially for myself as I have certain photoshoot style that I preferred and I strongly believe in good chemistry with my wedding photographer. Needless to say, I totally CLICK with Val the first time we met and I knew she will help my husband and I to capture all the beautiful memories on our very BIG day. Val is definitely one of the most energetic, responsive and friendly person I ever met. She will follow up with us before our wedding day on our schedule and ensuring we have sufficient time for each location to do a shoot. Communication line between us is always clear so there was no hiccup at all prior or even during the wedding day. Her energy level is forever high! She never stops clicking her camera and always finding the right moment to capture the right angle, right place, right timing and that perfect smiles on everyone face. She just knew how to capture the emotion out of everyone. I couldn't be more thankful for Val to be our wedding photographer. I should say she really put her heart and soul into it and she really understand what a couple would like to have on their wedding. That is why all my wedding photographs turn out so beautifully. She has captured every single timeline that both of us would like to remember. So there is absolutely no reason why anyone should ever not choose Val from Click! Photography. She's the perfect photographer! Thanks a lot Val for everything once again :)

Ewen Gabriel Boey

We got to know about Valerie and Click! Photography when she was shooting a mutual friend's wedding and thought we'd give her services a shot since we liked the photos that came out of that event. We decided to go with Valerie (instead of our studio package) as she ticked the boxes for our requirements of a photographer who is flexible with arrangements, one we are able to strike a good rapport with, and of course, one whose photos we liked. Thankfully, we were not disappointed. The process, from the time we engaged her services, to the pre-wedding shoot and to after the wedding, went smoothly without a hitch. Valerie was very open and communicative when discussing our requests as and when through WhatsApp or meeting up. She also struck a perfect balance between being fun and professional, which made the whole process that much easier. Valerie was also kind enough to postpone our pre-wedding shoot halfway through without extra charge as I had to call it off due to being grossly unwell. We would definitely recommend Valerie to anyone willing to forego their studio photography package and to engage someone professional, fun, flexible and above all, wholly capable of providing you with an enjoyable and memorable wedding experience.

Ben Koh

My wife and I had our pre-wedding and actual day photos shot by Valerie from Click! Photography and it was such a great experience! Val took time to understand what we wanted, and had an appreciation of our personality and what would match that. We had most fun during our pre-wedding shoot at Pulau Ubin, where she took on the challenging task of shooting us from height, from boats, and also in motion jumping off a platform. It wasn't easy for her as she had to deal not only with finding the right angle, but also climbing to do so, and managing her own balance on the boat! She brought us to many interesting places set amidst nature as she knew we loved the outdoors, and this carried through to our actual day shot when we took some photos near the reservoir that were probably our fav amongst all the photos. Best part was, she shot our wedding whilst being pregnant! Can't beat that kind of dedication and commitment to her work! All in all, it was fantastic having Val shoot our wedding and we would recommend anyone looking for a photographer who is fun, open to new ideas, and professional in every way!

Claire Chan

When we were planning for our wedding, we trawled through the Internet to find photographers that would meet our style and personalities. We were looking for someone who can capture the highlights and emotions of that special day, someone whom we felt comfortable with and had a special eye for detail. We came across Click! Photography through a friend and met up with Valarie. At our first meeting, we felt instantly at ease with Valarie, she was approachable, friendly, candid and professional. On our wedding day, she managed to capture the highlights of the day beautifully. The photos blew our minds as they were so vibrant, the lighting was beautiful and very creative juxtaposition of subject matter. Most of all, she captured the smiles, laughter, tears and joy of that special day.

Click! Photography

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