Keep Your Pre-Wedding Photography Budget Below $1200

Photoshoot/Videoshoot Ideas

With Photos That Look Priceless Looking for reputable and proven professionals to trust with your pre-wedding preparations might be difficult. But having a tight budget on top of that makes it close to impossible.

When it comes to planning a wedding, every little thing adds up. It definitely gets overwhelming from the moment of proposal till the second you say “I do.” Here at Hitcheed, we understand the importance of a budget without having to compromise on quality and have put together a list of pre-wedding photographers that will capture your most magical moments, without putting a hole in your pocket.

Here are some suggestions from us on how to keep your pre-wedding budget below $1200, so you can save the money for your very special day.

Click! Photography: $900

Our professionals at Click! know what you want, and how you want it. A photoshoot with your most beloved furkid? No problem. Leave all the planning, direction and preparation behind in the capable hands of our professionals at Click! Photography! With many raving reviews on their services, you can confidently leave the traditional studio shoots behind, and have a memorable and fun experience outdoors.

Image Credits: Click! Photography

Package Includes:
4 Hours of Coverage
2 Locations
1 Photographer
Engagement Session

Steph Lee Films: $888

With creativity and an uncanny eye for beauty, Steph Lee Films creates lasting memories through their photographs. Having perfected the art of catching the most perfect angles and rare seconds of true magic, your photos are sure to turn out breathtakingly stunning. A combination of professional and warm, a photoshoot with Steph Lee Films brings out your brightest smiles and the most genuine emotions.

Image Credits: Steph Lee Films

Package Includes:
3 Hours of Coverage
1 Locations
All Photo Returns in JPG
Selection of 30 Photos for Editing & Print
1 Premium Flush Mount Album

Love Crafted Co: $1000

With the professional photographers at Love Crafted Co, you’re sure to get the most bang of your buck. Leave the studio behind, and jet off with your partner to your dream destination for the photoshoot of a lifetime. Dedicated photographers recce the photospot of your choice prior to your shoot to make sure they get the best angles and places for you and your partner. They also go to lengths to make sure they cater each and every shoot to be unique for every couple. With them, perfection is a must in getting you your memories that last a lifetime.

Image Credits: Love Crafted Co

Package Includes:
3 Hours of Coverage
Location Recommendation
All Photographs Returned
Wallmount Prints
Flush Mount Album

Loveinstills: $1200

With breathtaking photos that look straight out of a movie, Loveinstills goes the extra mile to ensure their pictures say a thousand words. Leave the concrete jungle that is Singapore behind and flaunt your love with the unparalleled beauty of nature. With an uncanny eye for style and incomparable skills, Loveinstills lets their work speak on behalf of them. Valuing your comfort and your personal preferences, Loveinstills is meticulous in getting you exactly what you want.

Image Credits: Loveinstills

Package Includes:
6 Hours of Coverage
Balance Photos Returned
30 Signature Edited Photos
(Cost not inclusive of airfare and accommodation)

Take a closer look at what these photographers have to offer! Check out Hitcheed's full list of wedding photographers or try our FREE and personalised recommendations service for a quick start to your wedding planning or start a conversation with our featured photographers via their Hitcheed professional pages to get the non-obligatory discussion going. Plus, receive instant cash discounts for the professional services when you engage them via Hitcheed!

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