Questions you want to know about Popular Wedding Hairstyles…. Tips from a Makeup Professional!

You’ve said ‘yes’ to the dress and now it’s time to find the perfect hairstyle to go with it. With the vast array of dress options out there it’s a difficult decision between hair up or hair down, formal or casual, and whether it’s a match for your chosen neckline. So, whether you’re rocking a classic silhouette or something a little more unique, read on for popular wedding hairstyle inspiration.

Messy Low Bun

The messy bun is a relaxed take on the classic low chignon for a look that is youthful and romantic. A laid-back version of a timeless style you can dress it up with accessories and florals or keep it clean and simple. This style is perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather and suits an outdoor celebration that is both fun and informal.

Image Credit: Charlane Yu Makeup & Hair

Intricate Twisted Updo

For a hairstyle that is midway between a clean and messy bun, this intricate twisted updo gives you the sophisticated nature of a classic style but with the intricate texture of the messy low bun. This look is for brides that want an elegant look with intricate detail, it’s also a style that is easy to alter if a bride wants two different wedding looks.

Image Credit: Chi Chi Allure Makeup Studio


Image Credit: Christine Chia Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Simple Korean High Bun

Popular for outdoor wedding portraits, the simple Korean high bun is the epitome of elegance, by pulling the hair high off the bride's neck for a look that is clean and timeless. Pair with an ornate gown and this hairstyle really let your wedding dress shine.

Image Credit: Autelier Makeup

Sweet Braided Low Ponytail

The ponytail has increased in popularity over the last two years, delivering a youthful look that offers brides the convenience of an updo while also showcasing the bride’s luscious locks at the back. Add braids for additional sweetness: if your hair is lighter or highlighted the texture of this style will really pop.

Image Credit: Autelier Makeup


Image Credit: By Gaby Tan

Dreamy Mermaid Braids

This hairstyle really showcases your locks to suits a casual gown that allows the hair to be the main event. It is both modern and alluring, there’s just something about braids that ramp up the romance. A crowd favourite, this style looks best on lighter or highlighted hair to emphasise the texture.

Image Credit: Autelier Makeup

Romantic Side Swept Braids

Side swept braids are effortlessly beautiful and romantic, suited to brides that want something a little less polished and a little more relaxed. It’s an intricate style that appears casual and suits a bride wanting an aesthetic that is youthful, romantic and bohemian.

Image Credit: Charlane Yu Makeup & Hair

Whimsical Braided Half Updo

For the bride that wants to keep things simple and elegant, this updo style gives you the convenience of keeping your hair off your face while also showcasing your locks. Whether you like it polished, braided, chic or messy, It’s a look that will never go out of style and suits a variety of bridal looks and wedding themes.

Image Credit: Christine Chia Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Minimal Twisted Half Updo

A great option for more formal brides, the minimal twisted half updo adds elements of sophistication without being too simple. This style can be a great choice for your bridesmaids too or, if your hair is on the thinner side, the twists add height and volume to give the impression of thick, luscious locks.


Image Credit: Christine Chia Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Effortless Korean Waves

Korean waves utilise a different wave structure to the more common Hollywood style, with both a vertical and horizontal gradient it creates three-dimensional curls for a perfect cascading wave. Pair with a classic evening gown for a relaxed style that is both timeless and elegant.

Image Credit: Autelier Makeup

Sleek C-Curls

Popularised by Korean celebrities, C-curls are a simple way to add elegance to your style. It creates a polished and youthful look that works especially well on shoulder-length hair.

Image Credit: Fionna Lau Hair & Makeup Artist

A Chat with Autelier Makeup

Makeup company Autelier Makeup is one of Singapore’s most established bridal brands. Housing a team of talented and professional artists, they pave the way in creating the latest and most fashion-forward makeup and hairstyling designs and techniques. During our Hitcheed Online Meetup, we invited Autelier Makeup’s acclaimed principal artist Cherry Au in for a chat. We talked about all things hair, from up-do’s to Hollywood waves, as she ran down Singapore’s most popular bridal hairstyles before leaving us with some professional tips and tricks of the trade.

Tips & Tricks:

  • It's a myth that you need long hair for your wedding day, in fact, shoulder-length hair is ample enough for a variety of styles.
  • We know you like to pamper yourself before your big day, but hold off on any hair treatments. Silky soft hair is actually really difficult to work with and makes it less manageable.
  • Don’t cut your hair without consulting with your make-up artist, your new style might affect your desired look so discuss your style before taking the chop.
  • If you want a romantic style with braids or loose curls you might want to consider having your hair highlighted, the golden tones pick up light and emphasise texture.

Question & Answer

I have a chubby round face, which hairstyle is most suitable for me?

For brides who have a chubby round face, there are two ways that you can go about doing it. A straightforward answer is to have some fringe down, let your fringe cover part of your face. This way, your face will look smaller. Do not have fringe too long. Fringe ranging from nose to chin length is okay. Another way is to add volume at the top of your head. By making it slightly higher, it makes your face look more V-shape. I always make sure the crown is full whenever I do hairstyles.

What type of hair will be the most versatile for brides to be? Should we layer our hair before our big day? Or color it with brown tone or perm it?

If you are going for an updo or half updo, never have your hair cut straight at the end. There will be a lump near the back of your neck after we curl, which may not be nice. Cut your hair layered or V-shape, which gives optimal hair for curling and updo, and never have hair too thick. Thick hair will create a bun that will look huge near the neck.

Should we highlight with brown tones?

Having a few brown tones will definitely bring out your hair highlights. So when you are doing braids or twisted kinds of looks, the brown tones will bring out your hairstyle. So, it is highly recommended to have your hair colored.

Should we perm our hair?

If your hair is very tame, which doesn't have much of the roots/body in your hair, it is recommended to do a bit of perming. But it’s not necessary because we can volume it up for you too.

What kind of hairstyle do you recommend for black hair?

I highly recommend an elegant updo. Brides will black hair usually have a personality where they do not prefer fanciful things, things that are cleaner. A sleek look will look the best on them - an elegant updo, let down ponytail or a side sweep. A Hollywood wave black hair looks wonderful as well.

What happens if I want to keep my fringe?

If you want to keep your fringe, you can do so. What happens is for me, I don’t have a license for hair cutting. We recommend you to do the trial nearer to your wedding date, 2 weeks before, so your makeup artist can gauge your hair length. During your trial, your makeup artist may recommend you to trim your fringe if necessary.

If I have a lot of baby hair, what hairstyle is most suitable?

No worries about baby hair, all hairstyles can still suit you, except for looks that are too clean and sleek. Probably we will need a lot more work to tone it down. But many hairstyles that can still suit you, so don’t worry!

Can you guys help with masking with receding hairline on the actual day?

No problem, we have got a magic product that is great for receding hairline. This magic product is not just for the bride but also for the groom! If your front hairline is receding, I will usually use eye shadow or the magic product to conceal the area. This will make your face look sharper.

What hairstyle is good for a strapless dress VS a high neckline?

With a strapless dress, there will be more versatility in terms of your hair-do. You can opt for either an updo, half, or a letdown. If you are doing an updo, you may feel that your collarbone area is a bit bare, you can add a simple necklace.

For dresses that have a high neckline, I will recommend hairstyles that are more away from your shoulder areas - maybe a mid bun, or a high bun.

Is there anything you can do regarding oily skin? And hair that can go limp in Singapore’s weather?

On your big day, we only can provide you with a simple remedy for oily skin. So 2 to 3 weeks before your big day, please hydrate your skin well, to make sure it is more suitable on your wedding day. It is very important to condition the skin early to prepare for the big day! For oily hair, we have products like dry shampoo or hair thickening products so that your hair-do will not limp so easily.

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