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Ahgirl was like any other Singaporean - young, lost, and curious. She grew up with a "kampong" (village) father who lives and breathes in green, which explains the condition of her house - not that it's a bad thing. Ahgirl took a gap year and ventured into Floristry, which was something that transformed her life because she never saw flowers the same. Ahgirl wondered - why must we stick to rules like 'red roses stand for love', and 'chrysanthemums are only for the mourning'? These flowers have so many different personalities that she finds herself drawn to, and she wanted to share these with the people around her. Furthermore, curiosity compelled her to explore a myriad of colour palettes, bouquet shapes, flower types, and personalities. And so, Ahgirl Flowershop was born - a mixture of love for wild greenery, curiosity, and artistry.
The Shaughnessy, Singapore

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