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Hi, I am Charles and aMusephotographer is my moniker. I am a husband, father, homemaker, and photographer. I follow the philosophy to "seize the moment, focus on love". Fueled by the hope that the pictures will serve as valuable mementos for the couple to admire and remember upon throughout their lives, I strive to seize every precious moment possible, focusing on the love between them and their loved ones - the loving hugs and kisses, spontaneous moments, and uninhibited expressions. The best moments and expressions are captured without having to direct, and poses are kept minimum to portraiture sessions. My style evolves with the endeavour to outdo myself with every assignment, without being steered by current cliches. No wedding is too simple or too elaborate, for it is the love and union of the couple and the celebrations with their loved ones that matter the most, and these are the essences that I strive to capture and immortalize. Thank you for reading this, and hope I will have the honour to be your photographer!
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