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HI! MY NAME IS OLYA. I know it’s not easy to pronounce my name (OH-L-YUH)… You can thank my parents! After finishing university in Moscow, I started to travel around the world. Traveling for me was like a second education, or possibly the dominant one, where I learned the most. Family, friends, war, religion, happiness, injustice – traveling helped me to find the answers to all, except love. What is true love? Here I had more questions than answers. I began to find out in 2010 in Kashmir, India, when my own love story began. I wrote soon after – “Today I met an angel…and during two weeks, without knowing it, he taught me how to live and enjoy every second of my life, how you need to appreciate every small opportunity that comes your way… how to love and be loved…even if I will never see him again, I am just thankful to have had that time together…” (09/02/2010) Afterwards, our big adventure began and after so many years I know it will never be over as we will always be together. This is my story and I truly believe no two love stories are the same. Today, I am here to help tell your unique story, the way you believe and share what love means for both of you. I have been filmmaking for many years now, taking pride in producing cinematic stories that are different each time. I will do my best to bring your love story to life in the best way possible. I look forward to hearing from you! Best, Olya
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