About Christine Chia Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Christine is a highly sought-after Bridal Stylist in Singapore who is known for her distinct makeup and hairstyle. She has a preference and taste for natural and clean makeup and a penchant for creating romantic hairstyles that stand out with subtle details and textures. Being in the bridal styling profession for many years, her passion has always been to bring out the most beautiful side of her brides. She continually hones her craft by learning and improving her skills and ensuring perfection and attention to every detail. Christine's brides know and love her for her attentiveness to understand their unique preferences and expectations, and appreciates her sincere advice based on her professional knowledge and experiences. Christine also has extensive experience coaching fellow bridal stylists in makeup skills and hairstyling techniques. She ensures mastery and adept execution of the skills taught, and always instructs by explaining the principles and ideals of beauty. Truly a maestro in the profession.

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Christine Chia Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

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