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We design jewellery for the most heartfelt and precious moments in life – keepsakes to love, wear and treasure forever. A romantic proposal, a dream wedding, a delightful baby shower, a birthday surprise, a meaningful anniversary or a well-deserved promotion – Lee Hwa Jewellery helps you immortalise those memories with gems that are perfect for the occasion. Behind each piece of jewellery is a story of passion, joy, quality and trust - values that Lee Hwa Jewellery embraced since opening our first boutique in 1970 and becoming the first local jewellery brand to be publicly listed in 1999. Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Customisation Available. We have both off the shelf and personalised options available. Lead time for personalisation depends on the degree of personalisation required. For creating the perfect piece of jewellery from scratch, it will typically take 3-4 months from the point when the perfect design is confirmed

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