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Malena Bridal bring the world of bridal services in Singapore - a blend of the elegant west and the ever so trendy east. We pride ourselves in making you the most beautiful woman on your Big Day. We offer gowns in an array of styles and types that compliments every body type. Each gown is loved by us for its elegant design, luxurious fabrics and intricate details. We believe that the bridal experience should be all and encompassing with a focus on exquisite makeup and hairdo. Every look we create is the result of an active dialogue that helps us understand your needs and tastes. Every look will therefore be uniquely yours because we understand and embrace your individuality. We use only top of class cosmetics that pass our stringent test standards covering smell, texture, and longevity, so as to bring out the best of your natural beauty. Having done extensive research on a wide variety of make up styles from different countries, including the Japenese Barbie Doll style, Korean clean look style and the European style known of its distinctive accents, we have developed a strong makeup skill set, solely tailored for Asian woman. Our keen attention to every last detail also extends to our hair styling. All our hair accessories are extremely intricate and one of a kind. This is made possible because each one of them is hand crafted. These set the stage for creativity and inspiration like no other, allowing us to cater to wide spectrum of tastes. 12pm to 9pm. By appointment only.
371 Beach Rd, #02-16 City Gate, Singapore 199597

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Malena Bridal Haute Couture

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