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Momentold crafts narrative wedding films. Narratives encapsulate relationships - why a couple is getting married, why their closest families and friends are involved in the wedding. Because relationships are truly personal, Momentold uncovers these relationships through the vows, speeches, etc and work them into the wedding film to create the most personalised wedding film for the couple.
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Koh Wen Xin

I got to know Momentold via my AD Photographer. My husband and I started to research on them and found their works really captivating. We have watched most of their videos from their website, as well as in IG. We find their videos really engaging and captivating. The use of narration in place of background music was something that we really liked, and after we met up with Melvin and Yun Yun, we were even more certain on our decision. They are warm and friendly, and we are able to clique with them very quickly. That is when we know that Momentold is the one for us. We were very busy throughout the planning process (think traditions and liaising with other vendors), and Yun Yun promised us that they would send reminders before the wedding to let us know what to prepare and for payment. I really appreciate this as I really have too many things on my plate that time and I really appreciate it when they take the initiative to prompt me on certain things for the big day. I highly recommend Momentold to all BTB! They are really nice to work with and I can see them making friends with the other vendors (MUA, Photographer). This is something that amazed me as I did not expect my vendors to get together so well. :) My husband and I really got to enjoy every second of our wedding day via the AD highlight that was played during our wedding banquet. We really love every bit of the AD same-day edit and am really looking forward to receive our full day AD videos. :) Keep going, Momentold!

Aivlis Yufang

Melvin and Yunyun are two super bubbly and fun people to work with. We were attracted with their style of videos as it portrays our true emotions which can not be captured through cameras. Initially we were pretty worried with the style as both of us usually do not know how to express our feelings. But we decided to give it a try upon Yunyun's encouragement. We decided to get out of our comfort zone and prepared secret messages for each other which will only be known on the day of recording. The effect turn out really great, our love grows way stronger after the dedicated post. Most importantly, the videos turns out so good that numerous guests are touched with our heartfelt words including my emcee. Thereby, I strongly encourage everyone to engage them If you want your memorable wedding to be captured and most importantly remembered by your guests.


It was the best choice to engage Melvin and Yun Yun as our videographers! We can feel their passion, sincerity and they put in great efforts to capture every moment for our wedding day. Also, they are both really friendly and have the capability to make us feel at ease in front of the cameras. Thank you both so much in giving us the most beautiful memories to last through a lifetime Our wedding day highlights was brilliant and we love it so much! We will not hesitate to recommend Momentold Productions to anyone looking for videographers, they definitely produce outstanding works! Wishing Momentold success and best of luck in everything!

Stephanie YYs

Would like to say a big thank you to Momentold! The team displayed great professionalism, and went the extra miles capturing all the precious moments for us. The express highlights was done up so promptly which captured the essence of the day. And of course we love the full wedding film too. Kudos to Melvin & Yun Yun!! ;)

Tee Han Bin

It was great to work with Melvin and Yun Yun as our AD videographers. They're a great team! We had our solemnisation and banquet over two days. Happy to report everything went smoothly during the wedding, and it was a breeze to work with both of them. They also arrived early on both days to set up. Extra points for accommodating and helping us take specific scenes and items we wanted to capture for memories ? As someone who's worked on video production and editing, I deeply respect their work. Their camerawork, turnaround and actual day edits are top-notch. Highly Recommended!

JooGuan Goh

Every moment of our wedding day was perfectly captured and told in a beautifully edited video to our friends and relatives. It was extremely fun working with Melvin and Yun Yun and both of them work with a smile and engage us in every shot. They were never pushy with their package and only recommend the most suitable package to our Budget. Double Thumbs up! Geraldine and JooGuan

May Lim Jia Ying

Melvin and Yun Yun are simply fantastic. They are so easy to get along and they really deliver. My husband and i can't begin to describe how happy we are that we chance upon them. During the first meet up we hit off well and chatted and they got to know so that at the day of the wedding they can look out for things that matter to us and feature it. In this case... our dog. And a HUGE A+++ to their spirit, believe and professionalism. They came at 4am in the morning to begin the shoot at my wife's place, and then yun yun run all around with us till the banquet LUNCH (1PM START) and within this short period of time dispite being dead tired waking up at such ungodly hours to film us, they manage to do up the video montage that i must say.. fantastic. Awesome. Jaw dropping. All my friends were like.. your video was amazing. It was so well taken, i tell you.. No Regret. They delivered far beyond what we paid so many other photographers. Service A+. Product A+. We are so lucky that we manage to have them on such a hot date. Thank you melvin and yunyun i hope you guys keep up your awesome work.

Marilyn Ong

Momentold’s wedding videographers are really friendly, and easy to get along with. They put in so much effort into their wedding videography and capturing the precious moments on our big day! They were the first to arrive and the last few to leave the wedding. Very impressed with all the little things that they’ve done for us, it was a whole lot more than what we expected! Their wedding videography package also comes with a wedding movie poster, and we thought it was something really special and very well done! Hubs and I are really glad we choose them to be a part of our big day! Thank you Momentold! ❤

Sophia Goh

Melvin and Yun Yun were amazing from start to finish! We met up with them once before our wedding and had a Skype call to run through the actual day programme the night before. Very glad that both of them were so passionate and keen on capturing our love story as well as every moment of the wedding. Will always look back to our wedding video to remember our special day ?

Tan Chee Thong Andy

Dear Momentold, this is a long expired post, but we finally have the time to sit down and thank you for doing such a great job for our wedding videography! As my wife and I are quite a shy couple, we are not sure of what we want for our pre-wedding video. In fact, we are not even sure if we want a pre-wedding video! However, after meeting up with you all, we realised that pre-wedding video can be fun and serves as a good memory when we grow old. Thank you for crafting the story for the video based on the little inputs we have, and most importantly, thank you for your patience and encouragement all the while! We have several NG shots along along the way and filmed all the way from afternoon to night. Both of you taught us how to say, what to say, and make us feel so relaxed! We realised that we are are ourselves in the video! You all never complained once and keep assuring us that we have done well for the video. A million thanks for the lovely poster (really like the movie feel), the childhood montage, and for rushing out the express highlight though our wedding is a lunch wedding. We have not seen express highlight done for wedding lunch even at our friends’ weddings. We are so touched by your actions as you are the first to reach my wife’s house in the morning, and the last to leave the hotel after the wedding. Our only regret is that we didn’t manage to take a photo with the poster. But we will frame it up in our new house It’s really nice to have both of you helping us with out big day as we know we are in safe hands! All the best and please keep in touch!

Lyed Dlye

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Melvin and Yun Yun of Momentold for being together with us on our ROM and actual day. They are really patient and accommodating to us. The movie poster really caught the attention of our guests during the banquet and we kept it as a momento to be displayed. Watching the video together with our family brings back many wonderful memories that are beautifully captured and put together nicely in the video. We were really glad to have decided to engage Momentold as we felt comfortable around them and had faith in their production. We would like to thank the couple behind Momentold for their hardwork and professionalism. :)

Amy Chong

Wedding day is always fast paced and over without the bride & groom knowing it. Having good videographers who understand our needs to document the event down for us helps alot to recall back all these wonderful memories! Momentold is one we feel though new to market but really passionate about their works with videographers who are really easy to speak with. We will definitely recommend to any friends who needs videography! :) Kuodos to melvin & yunyun!

Sherine May

Thank you Melvin & Yun Yun for capturing all the important memories of the most important day of our lives. We are impressed and grateful that you are able to present the morning highlights during our lunch banquet so well. We would recommend Momentold to our friends and anyone who are planning for their wedding.

Alicia Lim

This was the review you left for us: The team at Momentold Productions were very friendly & professional. They were always ready to guide me & I felt really assured by them! As I was having luncheon, they prepared 2 videographers so that they could rush out the morning highlights for me. Initially was worried about the highlight as it was quite rush but they managed to do a superb job!!! Really impressed with them. Would definitely recommend them!!!

Celeste Yap

Dear Momentold, Thanks for the wonderful poster and the video.. you let us set our mind at ease on our actual day that everything will jus go smoothly... thanks once again for the wonderful video (:

Hui Sia

Absolutely no regrets to engage momentold for my big day. A nice couple to work with and they are always there to provide me with advice and solutions. Had a little hiccup and I'm so glad to have Yun Yun to offer her listening ear. She is such a sweet and lovely girl! It feels so much like a friend than a vendor. It makes it so easy for us to communicate ? We know they will do a great job! And Melvin, thanks so much for capturing the moments. I love all the "insiders joke" we shared. Thank you so much so much! Many many love, David & Sheryl

Matthew Low

Thanks melvin and yun yun for the video. Though we only peek abit of the morning highlight but we received many positives and nice feedback from relatives and friends. Even now we are still watching the video, something touching and memorable. I definitely will recommend to all couple who want a nice video cum personal vows for yourself. Thanks to them once again! Loves, Matt and violet

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