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Our names are Viviane & Salvo, we are Italian wedding photographers based in the spectacular Naples, companions at work and more importantly, in life. We are inspired by people, by the uniqueness of each human being and the relationships between individuals. Empathy is our keyword, everything starts from there. Getting to know you, feeling that sparkle and then being able to share the crowning of your love are precious privileges for us. The product of such a genuine relationship can only be an intimate and true wedding reportage. We only use natural light and love to play with shadows. Our work is always characterized by a discreet and respectful presence and by an artistic approach to wedding photography. We want to obtain a stream of fine art images that will tell your story, emotions and moments. We love to travel and we’ll be glad to follow you anywhere you wish to get married, all over Italy or abroad.
Via Europa,17 - Marigliano (NA), Italy

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Spazio46 (Italy)

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