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Covid-19 has taught us that it is essential to create and cherish memories, especially in celebrating all the critical milestones in our lives. Born with a similar aspiration, Strikey Posey aims to do just that by providing a creative platform for everyone to indulge in creating those memories thru a state-of-the-art photo booth. Armed with a passion for entertaining and satisfying, they have packages tailored to meet every need and a wide variety of services, including their latest light roamer, an innovative roaming photo booth on the go. This new novelty not only saves queues from forming at a typical photo booth but also takes up minimal space, allowing you to other things at your event. They are MTI approved as well. With the increased interaction it brings, it is perfect for capturing Granny’s impromptu Grease Lightning dance moves, which would otherwise go unnoticed and candid shots of the guests who would be far more relaxed enjoying the event. It also works well for those who get too camera-shy to get their pictures taken at the typical photo booth. Strikey Posey also has a myriad of backdrops and constantly updates their props, so nothing gets too boring or too repetitive, making each event a unique stand-out. Every event is curated with a lot of love, so whether it’s your Wedding, Reception, Birthday, or private event, Strikey Posey will oomph up the glamour quotient and be a fabulous addition for all your photo booth needs. Check out their website. They have a Party Shop as well! Visit us at: www.strikeyposey.com
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