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Brian is no stranger to the world of wedding photography and probably one of the few photographers who still shoots in the old-school medium of analogue film. His unscripted and unobstructive brand of wedding photojournalism has been the corner stone of his style, creating imagery and moments that are both very real and very unique. Brian is the Silver Medalist for Photographer of The Year 2010 award for the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photo Journalism Association (AGIWPJA).
144 Lor Ah Soo, Singapore 530144

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Rebecca Heng

I first got to know Brian when I was a "jiemei" at a good friend's wedding many years back. My friends had engaged him as photographer for both their pre-wedding shoot (in Melbourne) and their actual wedding day. I had the privilege of seeing all their photos later on and needless to say, I was impressed with the final product and liked his journalistic style of photography. A few years later, my husband and I approached Brian to photograph our actual wedding day. We loved the vintage feel of his black and white photographs and his amazing ability to accurately capture the emotions of everyone present, as well as the mood and feel in the room. Brian is very professional and takes a lot of pride in his work, as can be seen by his handmade photo albums. We would definitely recommend Brian to anyone who wants amazing photographs for their wedding!

Roy Quek

When it came to selecting my wedding photographer, there was only one clear choice for me: Brian Ho of thegaleria. I chanced upon his services one day, long before marriage was on the cards, when a small Facebook ad popped up at the bottom right of my web browser. The lead image was a black and white photo that evoked a timeless aesthetic, with a very casual yet authentically attractive direction to it. It was like having an unobtrusive peek into the couple's lives. It took me just one album to know, if I ever wanted someone to document the most important moment of my life, I would trust only thegaleria. Wedding photos were, and still are, engaged in an arms race to have the most jaw-dropping scenery, or the funniest and most share-worthy poses. It is an artistic direction that some may prefer, but for me, I felt while those made for great pictures to showcase at a wedding, I wanted a photographer who could put my wife and I at the centre of it all. We wanted our relationship to be the focus of the pictures, and for the pictures to look great today as they would when our grandchildren look through them half a century later. In this regard, Brian is in a category of one. No one expresses his art the way Brian does. He still believes in the tradition of film. Much has been touted about the quality of film, but more importantly to us, it represented his confidence in his skill. There are no retakes when it comes to shooting on film, no previewing on a screen before making adjustments, just Brian, his camera and being in the moment. With Brian, it didn't feel like a photo shoot. And that's really important, as we are unnatural in front of the camera. Brian was full of laughs, and connects with you immediately like a friend you've had for years. Sometimes you catch yourself being aware that he's capturing certain shots, only for him to surprise you many days later after the film has developed, he's actually caught a lot more intimate and casual moments between you and your spouse. It's like watching a romantic film: you, the audience, feel you're right there with the stars of the show, but obviously the stars don't behave like they know someone's watching. And the result is often magical, because it's so authentic and everything fades into the background, only the two of you remain. And what shines through is the beautiful relationship that's coming together in holy matrimony. And this is what Brian does best. He captures the most precious moments of your own love movie, starring you. Every couple has a different idea of how they want their wedding pictures to be captured, but Brian best represented mine. I'm not only happy I got Brian of thegaleria to cover my wedding, I'm honoured to be able to invite a photographer whose work I admire so deeply to express his artistry for the most important day of my life. If you want beautiful photos to showcase at your wedding, or if you want pictures of all the happenings at your ceremony and banquet, many photographers will be able to do that for you. But if you want memories that'll last long after yours have fade, there aren't many who can capture them better than Brian of thegaleria. I'm glad I entrusted mine with him, and I hope you will too.

Adrian Loo

I had first seen Brian's work in 2008, and fell in love with his photography at first sight. I was enthralled by his love of black and white photography, his affair with film in a digital era, and his ability to tell such moving stories through still images. Seven years later, after I had met and fallen in love with my wife, and were planning our wedding, the first photographer I had in mind naturally was Brian from thegaleria. I remember the trepidation I felt when I first inquired about his availability on our wedding day, and my relief and delight when he indicated that he was indeed available. I can't say for certain I would not have considered rescheduling our wedding if Brian had been unavailable. We met Brian a few times to discuss the wedding photography prior to the day. Through those conversations, we got to know him better, and appreciated even more keenly the philosophy behind his photography. Brian doesn't believe in templates, and while all wedding photographers will say that no two weddings are the same, Brian means it. Brian was unobtrusive during the wedding, as he promised, but revisiting the photographs he took during the day, it is clear he was always at the right place at the right time. Brian is an astute observer of the human psyche, and there is a poignancy about his photographs that words cannot describe. We cannot recommend Brian highly enough. He's the consummate professional, and his dedication to his craft and passion for his work sets him apart. For Brian, photography is not a job, but an art, and to us, Brian is one of the best artists at it. It was truly a privilege for us to have Brian photograph our wedding.

Jason Chan

We engaged Brian Ho from The Galeria for our prewedding shoot. The wife first noticed Brian's work online early in our courtship. What caught her attention was the cinematic yet natural feel to his works. And to add icing to the already sweet cake, he utilized film and included alternative photography, which my wife was a big fan of. We only had 2 choices, a renowned wedding photographer who uses lines in the background with lots of drama and lighting and Brian. It was a no brainer. Film, alternative photography, pictures from his own dark room, a luxurious leather album painstakingly handmade by Brian himself, last but not least his assuring and down to earth personality-it was his whole package. While my wife and i started really akward in the first few minutes of the shoot, Brian got us comfortable in no time. One thing that struck us was that despite having a few locations in mind for the shoot, Brian was constantly on the lookout for those priceless impromptu moments. And boy, were we glad he did! Brian immortalized a few precious moments i had with my wife that would have otherwise been forgotten. Thank you Brian! Brian is not just a mere "wedding photographer", he is an artist, craftsman and truly a master in his field.


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