At VETTA, we add a touch of class to your solemnization ceremony; cocktail reception; wedding banquet; and other celebrations with quality live music entertainment. With a proven track record of performances from grandiose celebrities' weddings to intimate home banquets, you are in good company with our past clients whom we are thankful to have worked with. Since 2012, VETTA has grown to provide live music services to over 150 events a year. We have now expanded our services from our flagship String Quartet to Harp, Piano, String Ensemble, Emcee services and more. Solo Piano: fr SGD350 / String Ensemble: fr SGD2,205 / Violin Duo: fr SGD528 / Solo Harp: fr SGD690 / Emcee: fr SGD600 / String Quartet: fr SGD880
3 Gambas Crescent, #08-09 Nordcom One, (S) 757088

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