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Leave the usual cityscape behind and discover a lesser-known Singapore at the flagship Village Hotel Katong. Located in the historic Katong and Joo Chiat districts, the original home of the Straits Chinese, the hotel will transport you back in time with its authentic Peranakan decor and furniture. Look a little closer and you might even be able to see the different Malay, Indian, Arabic and European influences that played a part in shaping this unique culture. In the immediate vicinity, you can effortlessly Live like a Local and see how the Peranakans left their mark on everything, from design to cuisine as you stroll past old shophouses and visit authentic Peranakan restaurants. Go just a little further out and the old will soon give way to the new at the nearby Parkway Parade Shopping Mall, a subtle reminder that modern conveniences are never far away when you stay at Village Hotel Katong.
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