About Winnie's

Carefully crafted bubble tea from Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Now in Beijing and Singapore.A great-tasting beverage starts with great ingredients, and our brand grew from the original ingredient supplier to all the great bubble tea chains of Taiwan. We’ve been quietly working in the background to ensure that your bubble tea tastes awesome, always. When the time came, we handpicked our favourite ingredients, and created Winnie's.We are big believers of quality first, letting the ingredients speak for themselves. That’s why we have 4 special teas on the menu – not just your regular black and green tea – including the award-winning Legendary Jingxuan Tea. Our base teas are brewed fresh every 4 hours, and old teas are discarded. Our black sugar and honey pearls are lovingly handmade each day, and we have unique topping options like aloe vera and basil seeds.

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