Live Band

Merry Bees Live Music was sparked by the sheer serendipity of three unique individuals on one coincidental evening in August 2012. Inspired by one of Singapore's most popular pop/jazz duo, ShiLi and Adi, Merry Bees was officially launched with the addition of John Lye, a multi-genre singer-guitarist to the working team, and adding a long list of professional musicians and singers who perform regularly in the Singapore live music scene. 

Our strength of diverse experiences has set us apart from any other group. We deliver music ideas with a personalized service for every event. Our groups have serenaded dignitaries at the Istana, guests in small intimate settings to international stages of more than 15,000 people, and have also performed on TV programmes around the region! The bees are easily bribed with good food, and often found buzzing around town and the region bringing fun, laughter, and romance through the magic of live music. 


2-pc Band: fr SGD900

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