10 Unique Engagement Shoot Ideas You Have To Try

Photoshoot/Videoshoot Ideas

Whether it’s for save-the-date invites, wedding day reception table displays, guest wedding favours or simply photos to frame in your future home, engagement photos are a great way to showcase the love story and chemistry you share as a couple! To make an engagement shoot uniquely yours, stick with memories and themes that speak a lot about the two of you. We have thrown in 10 special themes to help inspire your engagement photo shoot uniquely yours.

1. How You Met

It's always interesting to look back at how you both met! Be it on the subway, at church or even at a themed party, inject a little bit of your story into the photos. Let the photos do the storytelling of who you both are, how you met, and where you are both heading together. Some inspiration for how-you-met photo concepts include university sweethearts revisiting their alma mater for a day's shoot and churchmates using the church grounds venue for beautiful architectural shots. Don't forget to inlcude your photographer in the conceptualization of the shoot for their creative take or if you want to recreate the memory at a local venue if your original location is overseas or unavailable for the shoot.

Images Credits: Knottin' Visuals

Knottin' Visuals
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,800
Rates for Overseas: From S$2,600
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$500

2. Doing Life Together

Maybe you met at university, but many other couples met at their workplace. If your workplace boost great lighting and ample space, consider shooting there. Not only is it something that is personal to the both of you, it might also be a hidden gem of a photoshoot venue that not many other couples have done. Don't forget to explore the grounds or gain access to the rooftop or big spaces for that amazing and stunning wide lens shot that will make you see your usual workplace in a different light. Don't forget to plan your outfit colours to work well with the background shots as most work spaces are of neutral shades and hues. Be bold with your poses to make your photoshoot something out of the ordinary.

Images Credits: Loveinstills

Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,200
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$100

3. Recreate the First Date

Remember the first romantic date? Visit that national park or the library to relive and recreate that first time you both shared memories. Get creative when recreating that first date with the littlest details; replicate your outfit colours as your first date, or add in props that can tell a story of your journey together so far. If you're looking to go to your first date cafe, don't forget to book in advance and notify the dining spot that you'll be shooting for at least an hour; request for their non-peak hours so you can shoot at their venue, for cheaper rates or free! 

Images Credits: Chris Chang Photography

Chris Chang Photography
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$3,000
Rates for Overseas: From S$2,500
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300 

4. The Proposal

If your proposal was at a dinner date in a romantic location with the works but no photographer present to capture the moment, consider going back there for a pre-wedding photo shoot at a location that means something to both of you. Better yet if you spring a surprise under the pretext of a regular date! It's always good to plan your shoot during the Golden Hour for that romantic lighting theme across your memorable collection of photos that you can fondly look back on after. Jazz up your photos with props if you're going for a non-classical approach and share with your photographer your mood board to inspire them and gain more rapport on the type of portraits and poses you like.

Images Credits: Antelope Studios

Antelope Studios
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$2,200
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300 

Images Credits: Douglas Fun Photography

Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,200
Rates for Overseas: From S$3,000
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$200 

5. Shared Passions

Every couple has a passion they share. Whether it's singing, dancing or cooking, this makes for a nice engagement shoot theme. Not only does this tell the story of the couple at the wedding reception or when framed at your future home, it also provides the chance to have fun while checking off the engagement photo shoot task off your wedding planning list. Some couples get really creative like shooting at their favourite sporting locations! It's definitely unique to both the couples and other pre-wedding shoots out there.

Images Credits: Click! Photography

Click! Photography
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$900
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$200 

Images Credits: Love Crafted Co.

Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,000
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$150

6. Embracing Cultures

Have fun with your shoot when you don your traditional culture attire or choose a location that reminds you closely of your roots and heritage! If traditional concepts are up your alley, ask your photographer for black-and-white photo treatments to some photos to bring out a more authentic feel to the photos inspired by your traditions and cultures. Check out the cultural museums around Singapore or take a little trip to the heritage spots peppered around our tiny island. It's always nice to add cultural elements to your photos and lend more personality and character to your shoot, in addition to the romantic story.

Images Credits: Depthofeel

Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$2,088
Rates for Overseas: From S$2,588
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$100 
Images Credits: aMusephotographer

Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,500
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300 

7. Animal Love

For some, their beloved pets have always been in the picture–date nights, picnics in the park, weekends at home... Dress up your furry friends in a cute outfit for your photo shoot or book a venue that has animals you'd both like to see at your photo shoot. While challenging to pull it off flawlessly, adding your pets or favourite animals will definitely be a highlight of your photos, as well as adding that unique factor to your engagement shoot. Many brides' favourites are the majestic horses you can request for at the local stables or rent one on your beach location shoot! 

Images Credits: Click! Photography

Images Credits: Meteor Production

Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$2,000
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$400

8. Favourite Date Night Spot

Choose a location that means something to both of you. Be it your usual date night haunts, favourite eateries, the theatres or even the night walk areas with Singapore's skyline, make it personal so that the entire experience is unique and memorable. Start with somewhere with great ceiling to floor windows for the natural light to flood in, else work with your photographer for some places that while significant to you, are also interesting thematic backdrops. 

Images Credits: 1stJournal Productions

1stJournal Productions
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,800
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$500 
Images Credits: Love Crafted Co.

9. Relive the Roadtrip Together

If your first trip together is somewhere you can travel to in the next few months, go ahead and book that trip to revisit the beautiful places you went together! You might see it in a new light or discover new places in your first city travelled together. Get creative with the different landscapes and landmarks you can feature in your photos! Embrace the great outdoors or even the different cityscape shots if you do explore your engagement shoot outside of Singapore!

Images Credits: Depthofeel

10. Wanderlust Adventure

If you're inspired by your wanderlust, try for an overseas destination shoot that combines a getaway trip, as well as a place you have never been to before! This would be something to strike off the bucket list or at least a tiny excuse to take amazing photos and enjoy a trip in between wedding planning! See some interesting locations we'd suggest for your pre-wedding shoot here.

Images Credits: Douglas Fun Photography
Images Credits: Chris Chang Photography

With these 10 inspirational ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot, make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience with a photographer who has rapport with you and understands what you both want from the shoot. If you were inspired by any of the photographs shared, get in touch with any of the professionals featured and enjoy exclusive rebates when you engage them via Hitcheed.

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