15 Trending Alternative Venues To Host Your Guests If You Are Not Into Hotel Weddings

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Shopping for alternative wedding venues from the typical hotel ballrooms and banquet settings? Want to host your wedding in a venue that is not only unique, but also some where your guests will remember your celebrations beyond your special day? We gathered some of the unique spots in Singapore for alfresco celebrations, botanical indulgence, and colonial-inspired sophistication that provide the perfect alternative to hotel ballrooms! Get captivated by 11 alternative wedding venues in Singapore you didn't know you could have for both grand and intimate weddings. 

Colonial Weddings

1. Lewin Terrace

Get transported to a wonderful monochromatic colour palette, unique to colonial-inspired weddings. With the luxe architecture to set the tone for your classic and elegant wedding, Lewin Terrace the 100-year-old restaurant serves Japanese-French fusion fare and is perfect for any wedding decor colour theme. The large colonial bungalow sits atop Fort Canning, this is the venue perfect for smaller weddings receptions and celebrations.

Image Credits: Lewin Terrace

Lewin Terrace
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Guest Capacity: 1-100
Rates begin from S$9,888

2. The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Boasting the premier view of the bay, we couldn’t help but fall head over heels in love with The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel  From the bold white arcs to full ceiling to floor glass windows, the massive amount of light flooding into the rooms make for a great symphony of elegance and sophistication, not to mention photogenic moments. The alfresco area is great for intimate solemnisation ceremonies with the signature pier decor and the waterfront view to add to the romantic ambience.

Image Credits: The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel

The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel 
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Guest Capacity: 150-200
Rates begin from S$248 per pax

3. Alcove at Caldwell House 

One of the oldest building in Singapore, Caldwell House is the destination for wedding couples who want to host their wedding in neoclassical settings and historical character. Gazetted as a national monument in 1990, Caldwell House and its level 2 Grand Gallery, Alcove at Caldwell House by Watabe Singapore is a highly sought-after venue with its unparalleled space. The overhead lighting adds a touch of elegance to the entire room with its soft glows and unique design. The dome room still features an original wall inscription that reads "marche en ma presence et sois parfait", French for "walk along with me and be perfect"–a fitting sentiment for the celebration of unions.

Image Credits: Alcove at Caldwell House by Watabe Singapore 

Alcove at Caldwell House by Watabe Singapore
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Guest Capacity: 5-100
Rates begin from S$3,988

4. Tamarind Hill

If you love the quiet that Labrador Nature Reserve has to offer, then Tamarind Hill Singapore is for you. The historic colonial bungalow is well preserved for your rustic-luxe themed wedding in the forested restaurant that serves both traditional and contemporary authentic Thai and Indochinese cuisine. The bold character of the colonial house lends great flair to your grand parties and intimate celebrations.

Image Credits: Tamarind Hill

Tamarind Hill
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Guest Capacity: 5-100
Rates begin from S$3,988

5. The Black Swan

The Great Gatsby glamor meets elegant Art Deco bistro in The Black Swan  the perfect location for a swanky wedding party in the heart of the CBD district. Not only is the Black Swan perfect for flamboyant themed wedding, it is also a great venue for sit down weddings with an emphasis on the attention to details. Be swooned by the grand art and fixtures of the beautifully restored 1930s building and get whisked away by the charming ambience of the place on your special day.

Image Credits: The Black Swan

The Black Swan
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Guest Capacity: 60-100
Rates begin from S$8,000

Skyline Weddings

6. Faber Peak Singapore

Hilltop wedding venues seem almost impossible to find in our metropolitan Singapore, but don't forget about Mount Faber that boasts beautiful skyline views. Wedding couples will find themselves in the dreamy hilltop weddings at Faber Peak Singapore that gives the outdoor experience in the comfort of indoor settings. You and your guests will appreciate the panoramic cityscape view from the peak of Mount Faber and bask in the spaciousness of the Private Dining Room. With this hilltop venue, you can definitely enjoy the tranquility of this picturesque photo spot too.

Image Credits: Faber Peak Singapore

Faber Peak Singapore
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Guest Capacity: 30-60
Rates begin from S$108 per pax

7. Sky Garden (iFly Singapore)

If you're looking for even more privacy or unique concept, plan your wedding at Sky Garden (iFly Singapore)  Not only is this lovely hilltop location at Sentosa a beautiful sight to behold, it is also guaranteed to wow your guests with the jaw dropping landscape and sky view. Host your solemnisation ceremony or cocktail reception at the rooftop garden terrace and marvel at the beauty of this private location teeming with amenities. Your guests will definitely love to pay witness to your intimate ceremony with the memorable oceanfront view, especially if you are planning for a sunset wedding.

Image Credits: Sky Garden (iFly Singapore)

Sky Garden (iFly Singapore)
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Guest Capacity: 100-200
Rates begin from S$10,500

8. Aura

If you like the city hustle and bustle and want to get closer to the cityscape Singapore is well known for, look to the vibrant location of Aura at the grand National Gallery Singapore. Overlooking the Marina Bay skyline, Aura is a charming double-storey Italian restaurant founded by restaureur Beppe De Vito. With a sky lounge for outdoor celebrations and a luxe interior for intimate parties, Aura is for every urban couple who wants a wedding venue in the city with one of the best views around. 

Image Credits: Aura

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Guest Capacity: 60-168
Rates begin from S$1,088

Botanical Weddings

9. Halia at Botanic Gardens Singapore

Villa Halia, located in the one-hectare Ginger Garden of Singapore Botanic Gardens, has earned a reputation for the majestic palm trees entrance and indoor dining amidst the lush foliage and flora of Singapore Botanic Gardens–an Unesco World Heritage Site. The ambience at Villa Halia is perfect for those who want a cozy and warm wedding celebration in a charming, romantic, and exotic location in Central Singapore. Couples who choose the Villa Halia can get creative with wedding invites to incorporate details or inspired illustration of the natural beauty of your wedding venue.

Image Credits: Halia at Botanic Gardens Singapore

Halia at Botanic Gardens Singapore
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Guest Capacity: 70-200
Rates begin from S$25,000

10. Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community is a trending rustic wedding venue for couples who want their venue of choice to represent the styles and inject natural beauty without trying too hard. The farm-to-table concept at Open Farm Community is great for foodie couples or even those who want to try a different dining concept for their wedding guests. Take in the fresh air with your solemnisation ceremony at terrace area and adjourn to the main dining room, similar to a greenhouse, for delectable dining options in a refreshing environment. The full length windows will treat your guests to the relaxing lush foliage around Open Farm Community, as well as to a unique countryside wedding in Singapore.

Image Credits: Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community
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Guest Capacity: 40-70
Rates begin from S$12,000

11. Vineyard

Provincial beauty is not lost in the fast-paced city of Singapore with Vineyard at Hort Park. The quaint restaurant in Telok Blanjah is definitely for nature lovers and those who want a different cuisine from the typical banquet styles. The garden-meets-table French-Italian fusion fare here complements the rustic ambience of this garden space and we can't help but love the sensorial experience leading up to the restaurant and around the main dining area. Your guests will surely love to mingle in the calming ambience at the patio deck or garden displays.

Image Credits:  Vineyard

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Guest Capacity: 50-85
Rates begin from S$115 per pax

12. Pollen

When we think botanical weddings, one of the more popular venues has to be the garden oasis that is Pollen  Nestled in the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay, Pollen is not only elusive, it is also elegant in the luxe landscape of shrubs, flowers and an clear overhead view of the skies. Your guests will appreciate the comfortable setting and refreshing air, not typical to most garden weddings. Indulge in a short tour around the dome after or during the wedding reception for photo opportunities with your exclusive wedding guests.

Image Credits: Pollen

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Guest Capacity: 40-120
Rates begin from S$6,000

Café Weddings

13. Wheeler's Yard

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or someone who indulges in the sport from time to time, the lofty industrial warehouse of Wheeler's Yard will blow you and your wedding guests away. Get creative with the large space, from string lights to larger-than-life installations, and even a photo wall displaying your pre-wedding photoshoot. It’s not often you get a grand space outside of hotel ballroom wedding venues.

Image Credits: Wheeler's Yard

Wheeler's Yard
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Guest Capacity: 50-100
Rates begin from S$7,000

14. Boufe Boutique Cafe

Off Tanglin Road and located in Phoenix Park, Boufe Boutique Cafe is a burgeoning wedding venue with the cafe-enthusiastic crowd. Not only is the cafe set away from the hustle and bustle that most associate with popular cafes, it provides a cosy ambience for your intimate celebrations. The minimalistic design of the overall cafe lays a great canvas for any wedding theme, and they cater a great array of food that suits your style and preferences. Get creative with the driveway or even the entry way to make the wedding venue truly your own!

Image Credits: Boufe Boutique Cafe

Boufe Boutique Cafe
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Guest Capacity: 30-60
Rates begin from S$4,701

15. Little House of Dreams

If you're looking to treat your wedding guests to a wonderland of delectable desserts in a quaint cafe setting, the Little House of Dreams is a charming venue for your upcoming nuptials. For those looking for casual or fun-themed wedding venues, this venue on Dempsey Hill offers ample space for decoration and live stations (photo booths or even favour-feature booths) and boasts a convenient yet private location in Central Singapore. We love the candy-colours that will definitely pop in your photos and also lend a cheery mood to your special day!

Image Credits: Little House of Dreams

Little House of Dreams
Find out more about them here.
Guest Capacity: 5-100
Rates begin from S$3,988

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