5 Types of Vibes for Your Wedding Photoshoot

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When it comes to your wedding photoshoot your goal is to end up with a series of stunning portraits that represent who you are as a couple. With so many different approaches, from choosing a certain photographer, to picking your desired location and style, It’s hard to know which direction to take. We’ve collated 5 thematic photography styles for some visual inspiration to help you find your vibe.

Old School Vibe

For a fun and relaxed shoot, one that is packed full of whimsy and nostalgia, head back in time with an old school vibe. Recreate your love story and travel somewhere significant to your relationship. Think of your first date or where you first met, maybe you locked eyes at school or in your neighborhood, think of how you used to feel and recreate that feeling of young love with old school props, energetic poses, vintage props and lots of energy.

Alex Goh took his couple Ian and Adeline back to where it first began at Bedok Secondary School. Taking advantage of the available spaces and light, he captured the fun they had, and love they have for each other in a series of candid photos.

Image credit: Alex Goh Photography

Image credit: Makeup Maestro

Image credit: Cepheus Photography

Image credit: Queena Wedding

Image credit: Photomax Studio

Image credit: thegaleria

Image credit: Knottin' Visuals

Classy Vibe

For couples looking for something that’s a little more editorial, this vibe is the epitome of class. With yourself and your partner dressed in formal wear or wedding attire, source opulent spaces with regal architecture, grand staircases, and dazzling lighting. Looking and feeling beautiful, surrounded by glamour, capture your love in imagery resonant to the glossy pages of magazines to admire on your walls forever.

Natalie Wong captured these editorial style shots of Melissa and James at the Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore. Utilising the multiple levels and spaces, she emphasised opulent features like the grand staircase and Stella Gallery windows, to create a series of glamorous images.

Image credit: Natalie Wong Photography

Image credit: Cepheus Photography

Image credit: Loveinstills

Image credit: Loveinstills

Image credit: Queena Wedding

City Lifestyle Vibe

For energetic and fun shots, make time stop by capturing your love in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life. Stay local or head overseas, either way use a slow shutter speed during poses to give a sense of time standing still. Choose to dress casually, or stand out in formal wear - this vibe is all about energy and fun so don’t be afraid to be playful and experiment.

Photomax took these images around the city; a variety of spontaneous candid shots and staged portraits, to capture the couples personality and fun memories of the day.

Image credit: Photomax Studio

Image credit: Knottin' Visuals

Image credit: One Eye Click

Image credit: Dapper Pictures

Honeymoon Vibe

A teaser for what’s to come, this vibe creates romantic imagery which will make you want to skip straight to the honeymoon. With this opportunity, why not choose a country you’ve always wanted to visit and utilise the stunning landscapes, tourist attractions or simply stay in bed. This vibe gives you the opportunity to capture images against some stunning backdrops and create memories that will last forever.

Darren and Jade photography followed Chian and Kevin to the 12 Apostles in Australia to document their love and memories created. Waking up early to catch the sun rise for these sun kissed photos on the beach.

Image credit: Darren and Jade Photography

Image credit: One Eye Click

Image credit: Senica Photos

Image credit: Dapper Pictures

Image credit: WithMinn Photography

Party Vibe

If organising a shoot prior to organising your wedding seems like too much fuss, capture your portraits on the day of your wedding for candid shots that capture raw emotion. This vibe records the essence of your big day, with you dressed to impress, feeling your best, and surrounded by your nearest and dearest - capturing the vibrant atmosphere that you’ve worked so hard to create in playful, energetic, love-packed imagery.

Andrei Tei caught these shots of Alex and Ashley at Tiger’s Milk, against the panoramic city skyline. From day to night he captured candid moments of their big day, using flash photography as the sun went down to ensure he never missed a moment.

Image credit: Andri Tei Photography

Image credit: thegaleria

Image credit: One Eye Click

Image credit: Antelope Studios

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