9 Award-Winning and Hugely Popular Photographers That You Really Want To Engage For Your Wedding

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When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many daunting tasks to complete that sometimes, you're left overwhelmed and uninspired. We want to add a pretty dose of wedding inspiration to your wishlist by rounding up nine of our award-winning and hugely popular wedding photographers whose talents are capturing your celebrations and special moments. 

1. Darren and Jade Photography

Known for: breathtaking destination wedding photography

The award-winning photography team behind Darren and Jade Photography have lots to be proud of. Not only have their works been recognized and awarded by Wedding & Photographers International (WPPI), this fun-loving husband-and-wife duo has an enviable feed of destination wedding photographs that capture the essence of the couples' chemistry perfectly. 

Images Credits: Darren and Jade Photography

Darren and Jade Photography
Rates for Actual Day: From S$3,500
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$2,500
Rates for Overseas: From S$3,500

2. Andri Tei Photography

Known for: quiet moments of beauty at weddings and pre-wedding shoots

Andri Tei Photography is no stranger to producing stunning wedding mood shots that you can't help but fall in love with. With an eye for the perfect composition, their portfolio of works is a real visual treat! 

Images Credits: Andri Tei Photography

3. aMusephotographer

Known for: a cheerful look into the lives of couples in love

Weddings are highly energetic events that require skilled photographers to be all places at once. aMusephotographer does candid wedding and lifestyle portraits well and makes us feel all the feelings from the happy celebrations.

Images Credits: aMusephotographer

Rates for Actual Day: From S$2,500
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,500
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300 

4. Acapella Photography

Known for: ethereal and personal portraits of brides

The allure of Acapella Photography's wedding photography portfolio is the combination of colour, fun, and creative flair. Helmed by Joe–an Associate Master Photographer in the Wedding Photography Category of The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, they create beautiful and grand photos of couples and their wedding party at popular wedding destinations.

Images Credits: Acapella Photography

Rates for Actual Day: From S$3,980
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$2,600
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300

5. Antelope Studios

Known for: colourful details from destination weddings around the world

Enjoy the lighter side of weddings with Antelope Studios; this award-winning wedding and lifestyle photographer behind the lens is in sync with the couples and perfectly snaps the precious moments that definitely embodies the celebrations and energy, which couples can look back and reminisce. 

Images Credits: Antelope Studios

Rates for Actual Day: From S$2,600
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$2,200
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300 

6. Love Crafted Co

Known for: vibrant and colourful lifestyle and wedding portraiture

Weddings photographs are anything but boring, especially with Love Crafted Co. Their creative eye for the perfect backdrop and colour combination makes for fun, interesting, and unique takes for engagement or wedding shoots that you can't wait to share with family and friends.

Images Credits: Love Crafted Co

Rates for Actual Day: From S$2,000
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,000
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$150

7. Chris Chang Photography

Known for: whimsical and creative portraits of couples

Chris Chang Photography stands out in more ways than one; not only do these photos exude charisma and charm, it also conveys the blissful energy of the romance surrounding weddings and nuptial celebrations.

Images Credits: Chris Chang Photography

Chris Chang Photography
Rates for Actual Day: From S$3,000
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$3,000
Rates for Overseas: From S$2,500
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300 

8. Steph Lee Films

Known for: strong direction in both photography and videography shoots

If you've always wanted a mix of photographs, cinematography clips, and videos from one session of outdoor or indoor shooting, Steph Lee Films is perfect for you. Not only do they provide actual day or pre-wedding photography, they are able to offer a full suite of services with their highly skilled and experienced videographers. 

Images Credits: Steph Lee Films

Rates for Actual Day: From S$1,600
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$888
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$200

9. Knottin' Visuals

Known for: unique angles and framed moments of wedding celebrations

Embrace the joy of wedding shoots and the memories forged when you work with Knottin' Visuals. Their stellar portfolio demonstrates why they are so popular with engaged couples for pre-wedding and actual day shoots; they clearly know how to have fun!

Images Credits: Knottin' Visuals

Knottin' Visuals
Rates for Actual Day: From S$2,300
Rates for Pre-Wedding Day: From S$1,800
Rates for Overseas: From S$2,600
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$500

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