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You hear a lot of photography terms like photojournalistic or traditional portraits thrown around in the wedding industry, but what are those styles and which ones are for you?

Image Credits: Antelope Studios

Planning your wedding photography gets easier when you know the styles you prefer and receive input and advice about the photographer. We share 5 photography styles you can definitely expect to see a lot more of in 2018.

1. Photojournalistic

Images Credits: Antelope Studios

If you don't like posing, the photojournalistic style is ideal for you. A photographer who approaches your wedding as a photojournalist will give you pure documentary coverage of your wedding. 

Images Credits: Click! Photography

Since the focus is on reportage of the wedding, a wedding photojournalist-style photographer and videographer will spend most of their time taking pictures without restriction and capturing the action as it happens. 

Images Credits: Andri Tei Photography

Antelope StudiosAndri Tei Photography, and Click! Photography showcase a good photojournalist style that receives lots of raves and reviews for capturing emotions perfectly in framed moments.

Images Credits: Click! Photography

This is a popular style as brides prefer candid shots that capture the raw moments that they might have missed during the craziness of the day. This includes documenting the morning preparations to celebratory moments with the nearest and dearest to them!

Images Credits: Click! Photography

2. Artistic

Images Credits: Acapella Photography

Artistic photography is aptly described when the photography can double as both a wedding photo and an individual standalone piece of art to display in your home. These photography shots are unique and you will not find it looking similar to anyone else’s. The creative composition of the photography often plays with natural light and abstract art form.

Images Credits: Acapella Photography

Acapella Photography is one of the top favourites for artistic wedding portraits, be it in local or overseas destinations!

3. Modern Classic

Images Credits: Click! Photography

A new emerging style that captures traditional wedding photography–that looks great in a printed album afterwards–and modern posing. This style of photography showcases a lot of the details like clean imagery, classic lines, and other details of the wedding set up. Modern classic styles are consistent and most photographers will exhibit a hybrid of this and other styles, like the photojournalistic style.

Images Credits: Antelope Studios

Expect whimsical fun as couples and photographers make the traditional portraits stand out with an interesting take. Antelope Studios and Click! Photography definitely stole our hearts and smiles with their fun and modern take on classic wedding photos and poses.

Images Credits: Click! Photography

4. Editorial

Images Credits: Knottin' Visuals

This style goes for dramatic backgrounds and amazing lighting. The mastery of editorial photos is often seen in overseas shoots where lush textures add to the editorial image or the breathtakingly beautiful architecture lends more character to the images. Editorial photographers are well skilled with lighting techniques to produce technically perfect images.

Images Credits: Andri Tei Photography

We're inspired by Knottin' Visuals and Andri Tei Photography for gush-worthy editorial images!

5. Lifestyle

Images Credits: Knottin' Visuals

Lifestyle photography is similar to photojournalistic styles but done with more styling for spontaneous moments in a set scene. Couples usually opt for different outfits from their classic traditional outfits for a more candid and casual vibe. 

Images Credits: Click! Photography

You can expect the photographer to be more vocal and have more direction with the posing and the angle of the shots than the other styles that go with a different perspective lens. 

Images Credits: Lightcraft Creative Collective

If you're looking to have a lifestyle photography style shoot in Singapore, ask photographers like Knottin' VisualsClick! PhotographyLightcraft Creative Collective, and others for unique local locations could give off the overseas vibes or fulfill your wanderlust with overseas shoots with them. Be inspired by the multiple destinations many engaged couples are currently in love with!

Photographers Featured:

Acapella Photography
Rates for Actual Day: From S$3,980
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300

Andri Tei Photography
Rates for Actual Day: From S$3,500
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$150

Antelope Studios
Rates for Actual Day: From S$2,600
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300

Click! Photography
Rates for Actual Day: From S$2,400
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: $200

Knottin' Visuals
Rates for Actual Day: From S$2,300
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$500

Lightcraft Creative Collective
Rates for Actual Day: From S$1,800
Cash Rebates Available from Hitcheed: S$300

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