Showcase Your Lifestyle in a Fun Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Photoshoot/Videoshoot Ideas

Pre-wedding photography is a great way to celebrate your up-coming nuptials, and commemorate your unique love story by capturing the chemistry you share as a couple. Pre-wedding shoots can be grand and over the top, but if glamorous, editorial style images don’t resonate with you, tone it down a notch with a casual and authentic style that represents your life together. Read on for some inspiring lifestyle shoots for your inspiration.

Those That Hobby Together…

Maybe you and your beau have a shared passion or a favourite activity that you love to do together. Whether it’s a shared love of sports, motorcycles, or outdoor activities, share your interest with your friends and family with a fun and vibrant shoot. Whether posed or candid, this style emphasises the love you have for each other through a shared love of something else.

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A Day In The Life of...

Why not keep it real and stick to what you know. Have your photographer document you living your life and find the beauty in the mundane. Take a bus ride, buy groceries, or just stay at home, after all it’s these little moments that can be easily forgotten and this way they’ll be cherished forever.

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Show Off Your Skills

Are you particularly proud of a skill you have? Maybe you’re a sports fanatic and want to showcase your strength, or maybe you have a knack with music? Your photoshoot is the perfect time to show off your expertise while capturing your personality. It is guaranteed to be a fun shoot, and how great will it be to look back on these images in years to come!

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Image credit: Depthofeel

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Cafe Crawl

Share a particular love of food? Head down to your favourite cafe or restaurant and get stuck into your favourite dish while your photographer snaps away. Dress formally to stand out in the casual atmosphere and make sure you have an appetite as this shoot results in cute, candid shots while you’re distracted by deliciousness.

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