Capturing Your Love Through Different Photography Styles

Photoshoot/Videoshoot Ideas

Professional wedding photography is high on every bride’s priority list. After all is said and done, your photographs are the most important component to help remember the happy moments from your big day. Often capturing elements you missed as a busy bride, and those intangible emotions you felt, you want to make sure that the style of photography you choose depicts your desired feel. It’s amazing how the smallest detail can change the entire atmosphere, so discuss with your photographer and feel confident that the task of narrating your love story is in good hands.


This natural style of photography is intimate and emotionally charged. Suited best for outdoor weddings or pre-wedding photography shoots, your photographer uses natural light and captures candid moments as they happen to seize the essence of the moment perfectly. Taken just after sunrise or before sunset, this style of photography results in warm images with a romantic feel.

Image Credit: Antelope Studios

Image Credit: Natalie Wong Photography

Image Credit: Acapella Photography

Image Credit: Dapper Pictures

Image Credit: Andrei Tei Photography

Fine Art

Fine Art Wedding Photography usually involves creative composition and lighting. It gives your photographer a chance to get experimental and really make the most of interesting, alternative backgrounds. Usually with a fashion influence, with a light and airy tone, these photographs accentuate fashion elements of the shoot and are sleek, calm and sophisticated.

Image Credit: Natalie Wong Photography

Image Credit: Antelope Studios

Image Credit: Bluebay Wedding

Black & White 

Black & White photography is the perfect way to capture images that are timeless and classic. Monochrome photographs have a way of enhancing nostalgia while drawing in the viewer's eye to the couple, allowing the bride & groom to really shine within the composition. Black & white photography works under an array of lighting conditions and is a foolproof option if you’re wanting a style that’s a little more sentimental.

Image Credit: Love Story Wedding Boutique

Image Credit: 39 East Photography

Image Credit: Loveinstills

Image Credit: Darren and Jade Photography


A perfect mix between ‘Natural’ and ‘Fine Art’, lifestyle photography makes the most of natural lighting and candid action, with a little direction and styling to create simple, yet fun images that reflect the couples personality. It works best in rural locations, and with the use of vintage style filters can transform images into gorgeous works of art. It’s suited to couples that are after a more wholesome style and want their images to reflect a casual, rustic atmosphere.


Image Credit: WithMinn Photography


For the couple that resonate with a formal and classic atmosphere, Portrait style photography is a more high maintenance option relying on a photographer highly skilled in direction and technical lighting. Suited to confident couples that don’t mind being models for the day, It is a creative and dynamic style that can produce stunning, editorial style results.

Image Credit: Darren and Jade Photography

Image Credit: Queena Wedding

Image Credit: Seletar Broadway Studio Wedding Gown

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