Wedding Pre-Photo Shoots to Bring Out Every Mood

Photoshoot/Videoshoot Ideas

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become a must have activity in the run up to a wedding, the resulting portraits being the perfect finishing touch to make any wedding day complete. As the perfect opportunity to share your love and express your personality, pre-wedding photo shoots can express a mood that suits you, compliment your wedding theme, and create some awesome fun memories. Below are a list of some stunning pre-wedding photoshoots, scroll down for inspiration, there’s bound to be a mood that suits you.

Sunset Romance

That magical hour before sunset offers a warm and dreamy hue, creating a relaxing and romantic mood. The soft light of the setting sun creates stunning lens flares and frames intimate moments, depicting the love that radiates from the couple. It’s an ideal style of shoot for a highly feminine and romantic wedding.

Choose beach side locations like Sentosa and Punggol Beach, and wear neutral shades to compliment the warm tones of sun and sand. Opt for formal wear in floaty, sheer fabrics for additional glamour, or go casual for a more relaxed and playful mood.

Image credit: Andri Tei Photography

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Image credit: Andri Tei Photography

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Gothic Elegance

This mood conveys a timeless elegance through rich colours and vintage elements. It’s a style for the unconventional couple, the one that wants to shake things up a bit but still bring the glamour.

The key component to create this mood is location, pick a space that oozes gothic charm: think classic architecture or ornate furnishings boasting velvet or worn leather. 

Pick unorthodox attire to compliment your rich surroundings. Steer clear of pastel shades and opt instead to showcase lavish gowns in rich jewel tones or, if you’re feeling really brave, black.

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Regal Opulence

This mood is all about making a statement: statement dresses in statement locations. Go big and bold posing on magnificent staircases or amongst majestic scenery, it’s all about creating statement, regal artwork that will make your guests jaw drop.

Europe is a popular choice to jet-set off to and make the most of the stunning architecture available, or if that seems too extravagant why not make the most of the colonial structures on offer more locally.

Set off your stunning local with opulent gowns fit for royalty, with layers of tulle and floaty fabrics to add movement and romance to your already stunning portraits.

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Girl Next Door

This next mood shows that less is more with some down-to-earth, candid, real life moments. What better way to showcase who you are by, well, just being who you are. Dress casually in neutral shades and forget the photographer is even there, frolic about with your beau and get lost in each others eyes as your love gets captured in beautiful informal poses.

Pick a location that means something to you or tells your story as a couple, maybe it’s where you got engaged, or the neighbourhood your were raised in, wherever you choose make sure it’s a spot that makes you feel relaxed and true to you.

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Image credit: Senica Photos

Shanghai Glamour

There’s something about old-school, traditional charm in a modern setting that takes our breath away. Create timeless imagery with modern versions of cheongsam attire, against gritty urban backdrops and moody, dramatic lighting. This mood gives a respectable nod to your heritage while delivering stunning imagery full of warmth and colour.

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Image credit: thegaleria

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Modern Fairytale

This style of shoot is synonymous to classic love stories, it is all things stereotypically fairytale delivered in one big romantic bow, and what could be more fairy tale romance than a photoshoot at a castle or with a horse drawn carriage.

Pick a location that holds significant grandeur, whether that be a stately home or epic landscape, pair with formal attire in classic white or pastel shades. Encapsulate your intimate moments in soft, dreamy photography with plenty of natural light and live your disney princess fantasy.

Image credit: Douglas Fun Photography

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Image credit: Chris Chang Photography

Image credit: Acapella Photography

Image credit: Knottin' Visuals

Image credit: Acapella Photography

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